Alkaline Water Purifier

Get ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water purifier to safeguard your family from water-borne illnesses while also saving every drop of discarded water throughout the filtration process. 

Our industry-leading alkaline RO water purification machines have three hi-tech filters – an Alkaline + Charcoal + Sedimentation filter integrated with an intelligent digital display, outperforming any other alkaline water RO in the industry. It can readily purify brackish, tap water, and municipal corporation water.

Why ZeroB Hydrolife Alkaline Water Purifier?

The charcoal and sedimentation filter removes all physical and chemical pollutants, including chlorides, insecticides, and other organic compounds. ZeroB’s Alkaline RO purifiers are rigorously tested and designed to serve Indian homes and offices. The robust Tri-layered machinery can filter all kinds of water, including brine water, MNC water supply, and regular groundwater.

Hydrolife uses modern RO filtration and alkaline electrolysis. It filters water and converts it into antioxidant-rich, high pH water, lowering ORP values to guarantee 100% clean alkaline water and adding necessary minerals. Its latest UV disinfection feature can eliminate microorganisms specifically.

Hydrolife supreme alkaline water RO purifier gives pristine clear water, enhances its nutritional value while keeping you healthy. Our diligent support team and water scientists in Mumbai, India, stay with you every step of the way – right from picking the best alkaline purifier to its final installation. 

The advanced pH Modulation and RO+UV Filtration

The Alkaline filtration and RO+UV membranes work together to cleanse water to molecular levels. After filtration and cleansing, the water enters the pH modulator. In this step, the machine increases the water pH and adds minerals to make it loaded with nutrients.  

Supreme Ultrafiltration Membrane

The Hydrolife Alkaline RO Water Purifier comes with an exquisite 0.01-micrometer pores UF membrane that clears unwanted microbes, bacteria, parasites, and viruses while allowing vital minerals to flow.

Innovative Detoxification Procedure

ZeroB’s filtration mechanism is outstanding for filtration because of the extensive research and testing of many Indian water types.
We construct the different layers of filtration to make sure that every single droplet is crystal clear with higher pH.

Alkaline filter technology is the most recent and efficient, cleansing the water by combining alkaline RO with a charcoal + sedimentation filter.

Our hi-tech alkaline water filters sense and evolve with the increasing pollution and impurities of the water.

No Chemical use at all

Our modern eco-friendly technology does not use any chemical like chloride, bromides, or iodine. Hence, Hydrolife water filtration is healthful and has zero side effects. 

Tri-layered Filtration

The active charcoal cartridges and platinum-coated charcoal filter eliminate toxic compounds such as chloride and lead while maintaining the natural color and odor.

Elegant Design and Intelligent Operation

Its small size allows easy fitting into any household without taking up too much room. We have thoroughly researched and developed every aspect to maximize its efficiency.

Aesthetic built, dazzling color schemes with smooth edges and curved body adds splendor to your home. A stylish one-touch tap provides easy delivery of water, preventing any leakage or waste.

All connections and equipment require a few pushes with latex O-rings for simple assembly and disassembly, avoiding leaks and improper disposal.

All metal plates are absolutely secure and highly durable, whereas the plastic components are BPA-free, solid ABS material. This guarantees that the filtered water stays clean and efficient for an extended period.

Fit for Everyone, Everywhere

Because the Hydrolife alkaline water purifier is easy to assemble, attractive, and utterly efficient, it is ideal for any home or office area. After years of R&D and on-ground surveys, our scientists have developed the best alkaline water purifier in Mumbai, India, which serves deliciously healthy water just in one tap.

Purifies even the most Complex Impurities

This super-efficient alkaline water purifier removes physical contaminants, including silt, dust, and clay, along with soluble pollutants like chemicals, insecticides, corrosion, and dangerous microorganisms.

It facilitates the filtration of water irrespective of the source. Hence, it can easily filter water from brack, tap, and MNC.

Although clean water is necessary for consuming, preparing food, and cosmetic treatments, the alkaline RO purified water is more nutritious, wholesome, and hydrating than regular water.

Why should I consume Alkaline Water?

There are many reasons experts suggest alkaline ionized water is beneficial for your health.

1. Enhanced Hydration

 Drinking water with a pH < 7 efficiently nourishes and hydrates your system.

2. For a Better Digestion

Several testing agencies have authorized the impact of alkaline water on relieving digestive issues. As you start consuming alkaline ionized water, you can begin by setting the pH at 8.5. You can increase the pH as your system gets acclimatized to it.

3. Significantly Aids in Regular Cooking

Alkaline water penetrates edible items more and has unique properties, such as releasing more flavors and nutritional value. 

4. Better Skin Cleansing

Our skin has a mildly acidic pH, and washing your face with water of a somewhat similar pH is beneficial. The Hydrolife ionizer produces water for your requirement, and your skin will enjoy having the same treatment every day.

5. Water with Antioxidants

Ionized water prevents the damaging oxidation reaction produced by negatively charged ions in the body. An antioxidant inhibits uncontrolled radicals from hurting the DNA and other cells.

6. Relieves Acid Reflux

Pepsin is a highly charged enzyme that promotes acid reflux and heartburn, but since it is an acid, alkaline water neutralizes Pepsin.