Alkaline Water Purifier – A boon to your health

What makes alkaline water purifier different from a regular UV filter or an RO filter is its process of purification and technology. If you are looking for a water purifier which also gives numerous health benefits coupled with lifestyle changes, you must read more on this latest developed product called Zero B Hydrolife an Alkaline RO Water Purifier, from the house of Ion Exchange India Limited. 

What is an alkaline water purifier?

An alkaline water machine is an advanced purifier that uses the process of electrolysis to break the water molecule (H2O) into +H and -OH ions. It also means that the incoming stream of water is separated into both, ionized alkaline water as well as oxidized ionized acidic flow. The healthy alkaline ionized water is meant to be consumed while rejecting the oxidized ionized acidic water.

The alkaline RO purifier machine has dedicated outlets for both alkaline as well as acidic water. Alkaline water with high pH gives an antioxidant and electrons-rich water for ingestion; whereas, acidic water is an oxidizing agent that is rejected and can be used for external usage.

The primary benefit of having a Zero B Hydrolife alkaline water RO purifier is that, you can choose the water that you want just with a feather touch. The alkaline water RO purifier also aims to raise the quality of health in individuals over a period of time. 

Ultimate Benefits of alkaline water purifiers?

High pH Water:

An alkaline water purifier machine allows you to craft water with a higher desired pH value. It is one of the best features of an alkaline water RO purifier because ionizers function by breaking water (H2O) into the H+ and OH- ions, which gives you the power to set precisely the pH you need, ranging from as acidic as pH 3 to as alkaline as pH 12. This incredible feature is rare to find in most purifiers, but you get it readily with Zero B Hydrolife alkaline water purifier.

Better Hydrating alkaline water:

According to research studies, alkaline water is proven to be more hydrating than ordinary water. Alkaline water and hydrogen water rehydrates the body quickly as compared to ordinary tap water. For athletes or sportsmen this alkaline water supplements the body with additional strength, energy and stamina. Drinking 1 glass of hydrogen water from Zero B Hydrolife alkaline water purifier before starting any physical activity will boost your energy level.

Resolve Acidity Reflux issues:

In normal situation a digestive enzyme pepsin helps in digestion of protein from food in the stomach. But in case of abnormal conditions of acid reflux or acidity, this digestive enzyme pepsin leaves stomach and refluxes into esophagus, at this point it is damaging. With its acid buffering capacity alkaline water and hydrogen water neutralize this pepsin. And this is how the consumption of alkaline water and hydrogen water has therapeutic benefits for patients with reflux diseases.

Retains essential minerals and nutrients:

The quality of tap water is always a question to be discussed in the health forums. Ordinary water filters clean all the contamination including, dust, debris, and pollutants, but they also clean the water too much. Meaning, other filters remove the nutrients necessary for the human body. Regular water contains many beneficial elements like calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, which the traditional water filter eliminates them.

That is when specialized alkaline water purifier comes to aid. The Zero B Hydrolife is one of the best alkaline water purifier machines that remove all the hardness, viruses, pathogens, and solid contaminants from the water completely while retaining essential nutrients that are necessary for good health. 

Antioxidant rich properties:

India’s best alkaline water purifier, Zero B Hydrolife is backed with impressive range of water functionality to suit your need. While, this alkaline water purifier delivers pure and high pH water, it also boosts of its functionality of delivering superior antioxidant-rich water. The superior antioxidant water is infused with hydrogen gas that neutralizes free radicals, thereby eliminating oxidative stress from the body. 

Breaking the myth, healthy ionized water has way more antioxidants and therapeutic contents than popular green teas, tonics, and other health-centric drinks. Isn’t this remarkable? Top doctors recommend alkaline water purifiers as it provides a big surge of antioxidant-rich water every time you drink water from the Hydrolife alkaline RO water purifier. Having a alkaline water purifier machine at home is probably the simplest way to replenish all your antioxidant requirements. 

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