No of Plates
Make of Plates
Japanese Ionic Solid Titanium Coated with Platinum
pH range :
Purification Technology
Electrolysis of water
ORP Range :
up to – 800mV*
Water Types :
5 different levels
Warranty :
5 Years on the electrolyzer cell
Free doorstep delivery and installation
Service Plans
3 customized ACMC plans
₹ 2,99,000/-
This is a wellness product designed for personal and limited use at home. (No external chemicals added)
pH Scale

The needs of people have been constantly evolving and changing for even the basic essential products. Keeping this in mind, it’s no surprise that people look to get more and more, probably the best deal. But hey, isn’t health the most important living asset for each one?

If yes, then ZeroB Hydrolife is the right countertop water ionizer that is aptly designed and fulfil the expectations of your health needs in the present lifestyle conditions.

Putting an end to your endless concern of buying a water ionizer machine for your home.
The ZeroB Hydrolife countertop alkaline water machine is a compliment to every home encompassing a good and a disease-free life for your family.

Our countertop alkaline machine model highlights the aesthetics of the kitchen or the surroundings it is placed in, with its high-tech, feather touch water dispensation. It adds an air of a sophisticated gadget that quickly becomes a draw for your friends and visitors, besides serving as a practical device for your family.

Explore more with our LIVE WATER DEMO of countertop water ionizer from ZeroB Hydrolife sales expert team.

Countertop Alkaline Water Machine

The standard Hydrolife tabletop model highlights the aesthetics of the kitchen or the surroundings it is placed in, with its high-tech, feather touch water dispensing display screen. It adds an air of a sophisticated gadget that quickly grabs the visual attention, besides serving as a practical and useful water ionizer device for your family.


In one drop of water are found all the secrets of life.

Striking Display Panel

The 3.8 inch smart display panel stands out with its distinct color when in use. The screen illuminates into multi-color back lights with every feather touch, thus making it more user-engaging for the choice of your water.


11 Titanium Plates

Experience a superior process of water electrolysis which uses 11 solid Japan-make ionic plates made of titanium with platinum coating. The ionic membrane enhances hydrogen water production, thereby increasing antioxidant level, to give you healthy water.


5 Years Warranty

ZeroB Hydrolife is backed with 5 years warranty on the Alkalyzer Cell. Our trained Hydrolife service experts will come to your door-step for servicing at your convenience.


Built-in RO Purification Technology

ZeroB Hydrolife is equipped with High Recovery (up to 70%) Reverse Osmosis system which removes chemical and microbial contaminants to deliver 100% safe and pure water.


Wide TDS Range

The product water is delivered within the inlet water range of 20 to 1500ppm. Even in low salinity areas, the product delivers alkaline water at high pH and negative ORP values. It also has an in-built patented mineral crafter technology that takes care of mineral addition.


Active Prefilteration

A robust 2-stage filteration with silver impregnated carbon takes care of turbidity upto 5 NTU improving the overall performance of the water crafter.


Auto Self-Cleaning

At regular intervals, the ZeroB Hydrolife Water Crafter instructs the user to start the cleaning process, when the red flashlight of CLEANING button starts blinking.


Add-on Storage

The product also comes along with an additional water storing Hydro pneumatic (HN) tank which can store up to 10 liters of electro sanitized silverized clean water as well as protects the tank from any slime formation.

ZeroB Alkaline Crafter

Alkalizers work efficiently at pH in the range of 30 to 50ppm(minimum). But there is a need of minerals while using RO purification and even for low TDS water.

Conventional alkaline water ionizers use external salt cartridge to address the need of minerals.

Zero B Hydrolife uses patented technology “Alkaline Crafter” which enhances the function of alkalizer by adding optimum minerals when required for low TDS water. In Zero B Hydrolife, RO purified water passes through “Alkaline Crafter” cartridge depending on the TDS of water.

Zero B Hydrolife has received a Patent certificate for its mineralizer media that makes alkaline water and hydrogen water from the “Intellectual Property INDIA”.

HRR Water Recovery Technology

The performance of RO membrane is deteriorated because of microbial fouling, inorganic fouling and scaling. The proprietary water saver cartridge acts as a guard to control these fouling. Hence the RO membrane surface remains clean as it helps RO membrane to over perform to get high water recovery. 

The revolutionary HRR (high recovery RO) technology enables 70% water saving as compared to other RO water purifiers in India.


Glass of Alkaline Water
ZeroB Hydrolife Minera Logic

Zero B Minera Logic is a unique smart device which automatically selects to channelize the water through Alkaline Crafter based on the TDS of RO or Active Silver ESS purified water so as to accordingly achieve high alkaline and hydrogen levels.  

ESS Technology

The patented ESS technology releases ACTIVE SILVER IONS & HYDROXYL IONS in the water. These ions will denature the paralyzed microbes completely by disrupting the genetic cell walls. Hence ensures complete elimination of microbes from incoming water to the tank, as well as protects the storage water tank 24×7 from germ build-up. This process also keeps the tank water fresh and pure for more than 7 days in-case of tank water not in use.