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With more than 5 decades of glorious history, Ion Exchange (India) Limited, a water ionizer company in India has pioneered in the Total Water Treatment industry in India and overseas market.  Other offerings include Total Environment Solutions – Water Treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge, Waste Water

Treatment & Recycle. The company has an integrated solution for every market- household, institutional, commercial, industrial and public water supplies, urban and rural, in India and Internationally.

About ZeroB

‘Zero Means Purity begins’

At ZeroB we are always in the quest to reach the ‘Zero’ reflecting the entire value system which is directed towards achieving the ‘Zero’ as well as to know that you are onto something big.

Be it our R&D expertise, technology, product offering, assembly, or service, our goal remains to achieve ‘Zero’ in everything that we do.

ZeroB takes utmost pride in safeguarding families, homes, businesses from the perils of impure water for more than 35 years. The brand has pioneered path-breaking innovations in the field of technology, product offering and marketing. Our products are designed keeping your needs at the forefront of everything we do. Today, ZeroB is a household name and one of the leading Water Treatment solutions.

ZeroB covers a wide spectrum of product range under UV, RO and Alkaline category, which is crafted with meticulous attention to detail so that it provides ultimate protection against all water-borne diseases and ensures complete protection to your family and the community.. At ZeroB, we work with our strong network of partners to deliver the highest level of pure water solutions and service to our customers. The water purified by our products is tested and certified, to confirm to USEPA / IS standards, by several laboratories across the world.

At ZeroB, we promise to offer you water that is pure, safe and healthy to drink.


We work towards satisfaction of our customers, well-being of our stakeholders, and for the benefit of society of which we are a part.
We pursue the path of continuous improvement.


“To be the leader in our business which is so vital to people’s lives and the environment”.

Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Protection of environment
  • Ethical, discipline work behavior through teamwork and Individual initiative
  • Pursuing excellence through continuous R&D and employee training
  • Work ethics inspired by professionalism and integrity
  • Safe and congenial work environment
  • Contributing to the well- being of the community

ZeroB Hydrolife - Water Ionizer in India

Water that is - Crafted for You, Crafted by You.

Experience the phenomenal properties of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water for better health and lifestyle benefits. ZeroB, with expertise in the water industry, presents its state-of-the-art Alkaline & Hydrogen Water Crafted to give superior water. Believe in the secret of ZeroB Hydrolife water to ensure good health and disease-free body.

It’s time to #CraftYourWater

#CraftYourWater Philosophy

ZeroB Hydrolife is a concept which is an outcome and a combination of striking research expertise and technology innovation that ultimately gives you finest healthy and antioxidizing water that is crafted for you, crafted by you.

Zero B Hydrolife is a product of Ion Exchange India Ltd., a water ionizer company in India. Zero B Hydrolife  allows you to #CraftYourWater catering to different pH range of water along with an enhanced water taste.

About ZeroB Hydrolife

ZeroB launched its first ever incredible wellness product, ZeroB HYDROLIFE water ionizer which alters your lifestyle and restores numerous health benefits to you from the water that it delivers.

Zero B Hydrolife makes Alkaline water and Hydrogen water.

  • Alkaline water is water with higher pH than your tap water, which is made by electrolysis of water.
  • Hydrogen water is water, which is rich in hydrogen.


With our present-time unhealthy diets, stress, and pollution, free radicals are formed with strong oxidizing properties which damage cells in our body. This leads to diseases or illnesses in our body. Alkaline water and Hydrogen water have high antioxidizing properties; these antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which further reduce the risk of most sicknesses.

Additionally, Hydrogen water improves the quality of life of patients during chemotherapy and for patients treated with radiotherapy for liver tumors.

Both, Alkaline & Hydrogen water help boost overall metabolism after consistent consumption.

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