Regular Water v/s Hydrolife Healthy Water

When we are exposed to untreated things, we have reactions to it.
Regular Water Hydrolife Healthy Water
Presence of unseen contaminants Free of contaminants
The water is untreated and unfiltered The water is treated and filtered
Excessive minerals Right amount of minerals and nutrients
pH of water is 7 – Neutral pH of water is above 7
Acid formation in the body Antioxidants in the body
Causes Oxidative Stress No Free of radicals and oxidative stress

Why Drink Hydrolife?

Create Wellness:

The Goodness of Alkaline and Hydrogen water keeps away Lifestyle diseases and physiological disorders.


Hydrogen water with negative ORP is a strongest antioxidant that helps to fight against the damaging oxidative stress, thus promoting better health.

Immunity Booster:

Enhance your body’s natural immunity to challenge oncoming diseases and secure a healthy life.

Environment Friendly:

ZeroB Hydrolife delivers healthy Alkaline water. It also comprises of an innovative in-built RO system which is a green technology that helps in water conservation

Pure & Safe Water:

ZeroB Hydrolife not only gives healthy antioxidant water but also delivers pure and safe water, which is free of disease-causing bacteria and virus as well as cancer-causing chemical contaminants.

How does ZeroB Hydrolife deliver the finest healthy water?

Ionization of water

Alkali Water Generation