Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is a strong antioxidant. It controls – Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Arthritis etc. Hydrogen water rapidly gets absorbed and improves muscle fatigue after acute exercise. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-aging.

It is generally beneficial to drink at least 8 glasses of normal water per day. If you are not drinking a lot of water every day, start out by drinking 3 to 4 glasses of hydrogen water per day (approx. 1 litre) and gradually increase your water intake.

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and it is measured in millivolts. Water with negative ORP of -800 mV hydrogen water relates to healthy antioxidant water. All beverages and drinks have positive ORP.

Conventional alkalizers cannot prepare hydrogen water in Low TDS city water, say with TDS of 50 ppm, but ZeroB Hydrolife is the perfect product which has inbuilt RO and can prepare hydrogen water from any source of water

It is best to consume ZeroB Hydrolife hydrogen water when it is highly active and at the immediate “point of use”, after which you may carry it in a clean bottle. However it is to be noted that the antioxidant properties of hydrogen water will reduce over time.

Yes, for all the above health benefits of hydrogen water there are scientific references available.

Alkaline Water

Yes, depending on the adequacy of natural mineral content in the purified water, the alkalizer may add some more minerals, in both RO mode and Non RO mode. Alkaline water does not bare a specific flavor or taste but it may taste different from the original tap water.

Do not take medication with alkaline ionized water as it penetrates the cells in our body much more quickly. It is expected that, most of the medicines are meant to be dissolved in your body after some time for it to show results. However, you can drink the purified water (pH 7) from the water purifier with your medication.

In an Ionizer or Electrolyzer cell, water is passed over positive and negative electrodes. Here the water is split into various charged ionic components, specifically into alkaline water and acidic water as it passes through the membranes.

Because of unhealthy diets and pollution, free radicals (oxidative stress) is formed in our body which causes illness. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of these free radicals. For instance, high amount of fruits and vegetables are required to supplement the antioxidants, which is impossible to consume as compared to a small amount of healthy alkaline and hydrogen water.

Hydrolife Patents

ZeroB Alkaline Crafted, ZeroB Minera Logic, ESS, HRR.

Alkaline water purifiers perform efficiently when TDS is 100 ppm or above, but when inlet TDS is 50 ppm or lower, the unit is unable to make alkaline water. Zero B Alkaline Crafter is a unique process which extends the functionality of alkaline water maker even at low TDS area. Zero B Alkaline Crafter process, enables to deliver alkaline water even at low TDS.

Zero B Minera Logic is a unique smart device which automatically selects to channelize the water through Alkaline Crafter based on the TDS of RO or Active Silver ESS purified water so as to accordingly achieve high alkaline and hydrogen levels.

ESS is Electrolytic Sanitizing System, a silver ionization based patented purification system that releases small amount of silver ions in water all the time, thereby keeping the water pure 24×7 and safe from external contamination. ESS also keeps the components, tubing and product water tank sanitized, i.e. germ-free. Hence the product water is safe to drink 24×7.

High Recovery RO is a breakthrough technology in the world of home RO water purification system. This saves more than 80% of water compared to conventional RO purifiers. It also gives more than 60% of water recovery unlikely to that of 30% of other RO’s in the market.