Do You Want to Make a Healthy Investment by Buying an Alkaline Water Machine?


We spend a lot of time of our lives thinking about what we should eat and how we can eat right. But have we ever wondered how beneficial the right water can prove to be for our health? No, right? Most of us have been drinking plain water ever since birth to keep the body hydrated.

The concept of choosing healthy water such as alkaline and hydrogen water entered the Indian market in the 2000’s. Even today not many people are familiar with these special waters. Just a couple of questions can make you keep thinking about your water choice. What is hydrogen and alkaline water? How are they beneficial? How can we get them? What are the advantages of an alkaline water machine then? The list doesn’t end. In this blog, we will look at answers to all these questions!

Know your water!

Water in all forms is important for some or the other activities. In Humans, water is a necessity for survival. There is ample water everywhere, but safe and pure drinking water is a major fight across the over populated figure of India.

Therefore, the concept of water purification entered to deliver filtered water, thus ensuring that the water that is delivered is safe and palatable to consume without any health concerns. Water purifiers are now a mandatory fixture in every urban household. It is gaining momentum is small cities and rural areas where the water quality is even more depreciated. Alongside, there is a new type of water that entered the Indian market to cater to the wellness factor of the present time. Most of us are living a sedentary lifestyle which further becomes a concern for your health. With little time in hand, we cannot do much to maintain good health every day. Hence, brands have identified the lifestyle errands, created space for the alkaline water and hydrogen water in the Indian market.

But do you know why healthy drinking water is so important? Healthy drinking water not only provides nourishment, hydration and disease-control but also helps you get rid of several toxins from your body, helps in digestion, and maintains your body balance.

Now, you might be wondering that if both kinds of water are beneficial for health, what is the difference between them.
One of the biggest differences between both water is the pH values and the effect of these waters in health treatment. 

Alkaline water:

Alkaline water is a form of modified water obtained by increasing the amount of calcium and magnesium hydroxide. Alkaline water is regular water with added essential alkali minerals. This type of water is higher pH water (>7) having higher alkali properties. The water delivered at this pH not only quenches your thirst but also helps in neutralizing the acid overload of your body. 

Hydrogen Water:

Hydrogen water is water that contains a little amount of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen water is regular water with extra hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen gas in the drinking water increases the antioxidant properties. Hydrogen water has a negative ORP power which acts as either a reducing agent (electron donor), or oxidizing agent (electron acceptor).

Importance of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water

Drinking clean and safe water goes a long way in keeping your body healthy. Here are some of the reasons why drinking alkaline and hydrogen water is beneficial for you:

Alkaline Water:

  • It balances the pH level in your body. 
  • Alkaline water flushes out toxins from your body thus helping in detoxification.
  • Regular intake of alkaline water leads to a boost in your immune system which provides long-term health benefits. 
  • When you drink alkaline water, it neutralizes all the acids in your body and avoids weight gain. 
  • Consuming alkaline water provides better hydration than normal tap water. 

Hydrogen Water:

  • Consuming hydrogen-rich water protects against any kind of inflammatory diseases.
  • Drinking this water daily can improve glucose metabolism and fat. 
  • This water helps to enrich your body cells with naturally produced antioxidant properties using ZeroB Hydrolife Ionizer machine.
  • It relieves inflammatory bowel disease and lung inflammation and helps in asthmatic conditions and liver disease. 
  • You get better quality of life by drinking hydrogen water when you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy as it lowers the blood levels of oxidative markers. 

Why to buy a ZeroB Hydrolife water ionizer machine?

Apart from its health benefits, there are many other factors which need to be considered and are beneficial to the entire family.
To get the right alkaline water machine from a certified company.
To give you an appropriate timely servicing
To help you manage your kitchen space well with our compact design
To give you add on purification (in-built RO) inside the machine
To help you upgrade your lifestyle to maintain your health.
To enable you to get fresh molecular hydrogen water at your convenience
To give you and your family a lifetime health benefit from this investment

Moreover, you don’t only get healthy water, you get clean and safe water as it effectively removes all the physical and chemical impurities such as chlorine, dust, dirt, biological contaminants, and any bacteria. This means that the health investment that you will make will be with you not just for a couple of years but a lot more than that. 

Bottom Line

You can craft a better life with ZeroB health crafter alkaline water filter machine.
Remember, expensive clothing shopping will give you temporary happiness but a practical thought to buying a luxury water purifier will give you permanent happiness and long life.

So, what’s stopping you? Get yourself an alkaline water machine today and choose your health over anything. You can rely on ZeroB Hydrolife. Get in touch today by reaching at 022-2788-1234 or 022-6848-6848 or Visit: