Get Relief from Acidity & Poor Digestion with Hydrolife Alkaline & Hydrogen Water


In our day to day errands, due to hectic schedule and irregular eating habits, most of us experience acidity or abdominal discomfort. Gastric issue is one of the most common occurrence in an older age group. It starts from being acute but can gradually turn into a chronic condition. Some of the chronic conditions include stomach acidity, heart burns, constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome that is an intestinal disorder causing pain in the stomach. 

As a method of recovery, we use antacids and other pills. Antacids are alkaline in nature which neutralize the excessive acids in our stomach to provide instant relief from digestive issues. In order to treat digestive chronic conditions, a visit to a gastroenterology specialist is necessary because conventional therapies have not achieved complete symptom improvement.

The studies and scientific literature provide guidance and educate us on issues related to digestive health, as stated above. Alkaline water and Hydrogen water is found to be an effective remedy to overcome acute and chronic gastric conditions. It benefits from the esophagus to the colon. Because certain parts of your gastrointestinal tract are pH-responsive, alkaline water influences your gut health.

Increased stress can negatively affect the digestive system. For eg; The sales professionals and individuals’ exposed with outside environment undergo erratic daily schedule and sometimes they have to thrive onto munching unhealthy diets due to lack of food choices.  

Also sportsmen and athletes who experience stress and sleep dis-orientation patterns are affected with chronic digestive conditions.

Does Alkaline Ionized Water Reduce the Intensity of Gastrointestinal Enzymes?

No. In normal situation a digestive enzyme pepsin helps in digestion of protein from food in the stomach. But in case of abnormal conditions of acid reflux or acidity, this digestive enzyme pepsin leaves stomach and refluxes into esophagus, at this point it is damaging. With its acid buffering capacity alkaline water and hydrogen water neutralize this pepsin. And this is how the consumption of alkaline water and hydrogen water has therapeutic benefits for patients with reflux diseases.
Zero B, a leading ionizer company advises to not consume this water around your meal times, (immediately before and after). Also, Alkaline water and hydrogen water does not interfere in your natural process of digestion.

With Zero B Hydrolife, through our extensive research and development findings, and with white paper article readings, recommend that Alkaline water and hydrogen water can be safely consumed to get benefits for all your digestive health problems and to improve your quality of health.

Could alkaline water help you? Each organ system is unique, but one thing is for sure. Alkaline water is supportive of general wellness. Your body is its own best doctor if you give it the things it needs for good health. Alkaline water and a healthy diet may be just the thing your body needs for better digestive health.

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