Questions and Answers

No, ZeroB Hydrolife does not use any external chemicals to deliver antioxidant-rich alkaline and hydrogen water. Its in-built patented Alkaline Crafter adds sufficient minerals automatically to RO permeate water, and also to low TDS water whenever required.  

Zero B Hydrolife is housed with an advanced Alkalyzer cell technology, comprising of 11 plates’ solid titanium electrodes with platinum coating. This enables the electrolysis of water, thereby making alkaline and hydrogen water.

Zero B Hydrolife uses platinized titanium electrodes. Titanium being, a non sacrificial (does not release any metal ions) metal electrode which involves in the electrolysis of water, splitting water molecules to make active hydrogen and alkaline water.

Zero B Hydrolife uses titanium electrodes. Titanium being a stable metal, does not get oxidized for a long period. Hence the alkalyzer cell can be well-maintained and long-lived for minimum 5 years.

The robust water crafter from Zero B uses the best in industry Electrolyser Technology and uses Japanese make Platinized Titanium electrodes.

No. There is no need to open the sealed chamber even while chemical cleaning of alkalyzer cell during servicing.

The all new Zero B Hydrolife delivers different types of water.

  • Level 1: Mild Alkaline Water (7.5-8.5pH) DRINKING WATER BUTTON
  • Level 2: Alkaline Water (8.5-9.5pH) COOKING WATER BUTTON
  • Level 3: Hydrogen Water (9.5-10.5pH) H2 WATER BUTTON
  • Level 4: Purified Water (7.0pH) PURIFIED WATER BUTTON
  • Level 5: Acidic Water (3.5-5.5pH) SANITIZING WATER BUTTON

Each water at different levels deliver water suited for different needs and purposes.

The Zero B Hydrolife H2 Water gives you a highest pH of 10.5 for drinking active hydrogen water which is full of antioxidants with a negative ORP of upto -800 mV. Hydrogen levels in this water are in the range of 1000 to 1200 ppb.

Auto electrode cleaning function is important to clean the surface of electrodes and also to enhance their efficiency to prepare appropriate pH values of alkaline and hydrogen water. At regular intervals, Zero B Hydrolife water crafter instructs the user to start the cleaning process when the red flashlight of CLEANING button starts blinking.

Sr NO Cartridge Name Replacement Qty in a year
1 Sediment 6 months 2
2 Combo block 6 months 2
3 Nova Cartridge 1 year 1
4 Alkaline Crafter Cartridge 6 months 2
5 RO Membranes 1 year 1
6 Post Carbon 1 year 1
7 ESS 1 year 1
8 Pro Alkaline Cartridge 6 months 2
All of the above, is offered in the Zero B Hydrolife Annual Comprehensive Service valued at only INR 24,900 and at your home doorstep.

The Zero B Hydrolife is an eco-friendly unit and consumes 175 watts, which is less in comparison with others in the market.

The Hydrolife Electrolyser cell uses 11 solid titanium plates with platinum coating, being one of the USP of Hydrolife for a compact tabletop model.

The Zero B Hydrolife comes with multiple stages of purification.
Stages of Pre-filtration are as below:

  • Filtration: Inlet water passes through integrity filter bag which removes particles like sand, silt, hair and other finer particles from water.
  • High Efficiency Filtration: Water undergoes a finer filtration through a dedicated 5 micron filter, which holds higher quantity of fine particles and suspended impurities.
  • BAC Filtration: This Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon (BAC) filter which is a high grade silver impregnated carbon removes organic impurities, carcinogenic chemicals (such as VOC and THMs), chlorine, color and odor from water. This makes the water crisper to taste.
  • Sediment Filter: This removes still finer particles and renders clarity to water.
  • In-built RO Purification:
    The in-built RO purification enables removal of chemical and microbial contaminants and works efficiently at high TDS of up to 1500ppm. Also the in-built RO purification ensures 70% water recovery through its High Recovery Reverse Osmosis system (HRR Technology)
  • Active Silver ESS Purification:
    This purification system is an additional purification which kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses as well as avoids slime buildup in the storage tank.

Zero B Hydrolife is backed with 5 years warranty on the Alkalizer Cell. Our trained Hydrolife service experts will come to your door-step for servicing at your convenience. You don’t have to send your Hydrolife anywhere from your kitchen.

One can drink up to 1.5 liters of Hydrogen Water for therapeutic health benefits.   

Unlike other alkaline ionizers in the market, Zero B Hydrolife is a –

  1. Compact design: The Zero B Hydrolife is a compact table top model with rich aesthetics.
  2. In-built RO system: Other conventional water ionizers in the market come with only filtration systems and hence cannot be installed at high TDS areas/places. On the contrary, Zero B Hydrolife has in-built RO system and can be installed at high TDS of upto 1500ppm also.
  3. Wide range of TDS:  Zero B Hydrolife makes alkaline and hydrogen water at a wide range of TDS 20 to 1500 ppm.
  4. Made in India: Hydrolife is the true child of the soil. Wholly designed and developed in India, we are proud to have our latest creation made here, for all of us.
  5. No external chemicals required: Zero B Hydrolife does not need addition of minerals and chemicals externally as its in-built patented mineral crafter technology adds minerals when required.
  6. In house chemical cleaning of Alkalizer cell: Zero B Hydrolife offers doorstep service for cleaning the alkalyzer cell unit and you can continue to drink alkaline water without any pause.
  7. Drinkable hydrogen water: Zero B Hydrolife is the only purification system in this space to offer drinkable active hydrogen water at pH of 10.5.

Purified water which is RO/ESS purified water can be taken as much as you want

Alkalizer reject water can be used for floor cleaning and other wash purposes, but not for face wash.

You can use H2 water as a mist spray on face, for better hydration, glowing skin and daily skin care routine. This water is full of antioxidants with a pH of 9.0 to 10.5.  

The sanitizing water is considered to have anti-bacterial effects and hence can be used as a treatment for inflammatory skin conditions, and washing of fruits and vegetables

The incredible Zero B Hydrolife alters your lifestyle with its superior Alkaline & Hydrogen water and its vital benefits on the health of you and your family. Health benefits derived from drinking alkaline and hydrogen water comprises of controlling chronic lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Type 2 diabetes; relieves digestive health such as gastric conditions and acidity to name a few.

Apart from this, daily consumption of alkaline and hydrogen water improves your overall metabolism, better hydration, improved energy levels and better immunity.

Alkaline Water is water which has higher pH than your tap water. It is produced by electrolysis of water which offers numerous health benefits.

Hydrogen water is the lightest and strongest antioxidant having high powered therapeutic potential for a longer and healthier life.

Zero B Hydrolife makes alkaline water and hydrogen water by electrolysis of water. Alkaline water and antioxidizing active hydrogen water improves many chronic health conditions and maintains your overall wellness of your family.

Yes, Zero B Hydrolife is comprised of 4 patented technology each exhibiting a different role to play in the purification of water.
Zero B Alkaline Crafter: An exclusive technology which gives favorable performance of Hydrolife even at low inlet water TDS and even when RO purification is used.

Zero B Minera Logic: A unique smart device which automatically selects to channelize the water through alkaline crafter based on the TDS of RO or Active Silver ESS purified water.

High Recovery RO (HRR): An innovative high recovery RO (HRR) process which gives three times higher recovery of upto 70% water from a single membrane and saves more than 80% water as compared to conventional RO water systems.

Electro Sanitizing System (ESS): A silver ionization purification system, which also sanitizes the entire water purifier and prevents slime formation in the storage water tank, hence ensuring 24×7 protection of stored water.  
(Patents Applied*)

The robust and all new Zero B Hydrolife has been tested for different parameters across few renowned institutes.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification: Manufacturing facility And R&D Technology Division

Certified for Technology Claims: NABL accredited ‘AQUA DIAGNOSTICS’-an IAPMO group- USA” company

Certified for Quality of Water (Alkaline & Hydrogen Water): Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISC)

Certificate of Compliance: CE-TCS-UK

Tested for Performance by: IIT Mumbai, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Pune.