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Ion Exchange India Limited

Water Ionizer Company

With more than 5 decades of glorious history, Ion Exchange (India) Limited, a water ionizer company in India has pioneered in the Total Water Treatment industry in India and overseas market. 

Other offerings include Total Environment Solutions – Water Treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge, Waste Water.


ZeroB Hydrolife – Best Alkaline Water Machine in India

Water that is crafted for you,
crafted by you

Experience the phenomenal properties of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water for better health and lifestyle benefits. ZeroB, with expertise in the water industry, presents its state-of-the-art  Hydrogen and Alkaline Water Machine in India to give superior and healthy water. Believe in the secret of ZeroB Hydrolife water to reap vital health benefits and disease-free body.

Our pan India team of ZeroB Hydrolife experts is self-driven, knowledgeable and prompt to take care of your service concerns.

It’s time to #CraftYourWater

ZeroB Hydrolife Alkaline Water Machine Price in India

If you want your body to be healthy, you have to be alkaline.

“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”

We followed in his footsteps and created something that he would be proud of. We are proud to present a wave of change in the way we define wellness with water. Explore the benefits of ZeroB Hydrolife, available at a price starting from INR 2,99,000 and sow the seeds of good health in your family and among your loved ones.

Why Drink ZeroB Hydrolife Water ?

Immunity-Booster- ZeroB-Hydrolife

Immunity Booster

Enhance your body’s natural immunity to challenge oncoming diseases and secure a healthy life.


Create Wellness

The Goodness of Alkaline and Hydrogen water keeps away Lifestyle diseases and physiological disorders.



Hydrogen water with negative ORP is a strongest antioxidant that helps to fight against the damaging oxidative stress, thus promoting better health.


Low TDS Healthy Water​

ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water machine does not need addition of minerals and chemicals externally as its in-built patented mineral crafter technology adds minerals when required.

Our Philosophy

‘Zero Means Purity begins’

At ZeroB we are always in the quest to reach the ‘Zero’ reflecting the entire value system which is directed towards achieving that, you know you are onto something big.

Be it our R&D expertise, technology, product offering, assembly, or service, our goal remains to achieve ‘Zero’ in everything that we do.

#CraftYourWater Philosophy

ZeroB Hydrolife is the best alkaline water purifier in India, which is an outcome and a combination of striking research expertise and technology innovation that ultimately gives you finest healthy and antioxidizing water that is crafted by you, for you. ZeroB Hydrolife allows you to #CraftYourWater catering to different pH range of water along with an enhanced water taste.

Why Choose ZeroB Hydrolife Alkaline Water Machine?

Made in India

Researched & Developed by in-house team
Wholly designed in India
Team of Indian minds

11 Plates

Solid titanium electrodes with platinum coating
Japanese Ionic Membranes
Superior quality of water

5 Types of Water

Hydrogen Water pH9.5-10.5
Cooking (Alkaline Water)- pH 8.5-9.5
Drinking (Mild Alkaline Water)- pH 7.5-8.5
Purified Water-pH 7.0
Sanitizing (Acidic Water)- pH 3.5-5.5

Purification Options

Electrolysis of Water
In-built High Recovery Reverse Osmosis Filtration
Electrolytic Sanitizing Active Silver Ionization

Product Design

No additional RO booster pump required
Occupies less space in the kitchen
Striking display panel for dispensing water

Doorstep Delivery

Time-saving alkalizer cell cleaning
Comprehensive service plan options
1st year free service
Use branded components and replacements

Health Benefits