Alkaline Water Filter

ZeroB brings to you the ultra-modern Hydrolife Alkaline  Water Filter for safe, pure, and nutritious water that is anti-oxidized and alkaline. Water pollution is soaring high, and drinking merely clean water is not enough. The water must be healthy, enriched with minerals, and with higher pH levels to ensure absolute health.

Hydrolife Alkaline Water filter provides optimum pH while eliminating soluble and suspended impurities from water. Once you start consuming clean, anti-oxidized water with higher pH levels and lower ORP, you will see visible betterment in your body and mind.

Our innovative alkaline RO water filter has a one-touch button to give out water. It has 4 layers of filtration, an impressive flow rate of up to 25 liters per hour. It provides complete protection with 100% RO, Sterilizing UV, and Triple Filtration Mechanism.

There is no wastage of Water with Alkaline Water Filter

It recovers more than 50 percent of the water used, so you don’t need to be concerned about water waste.

Using a 100% RO chamber and disinfectant UV with Tri-layered filtration ensures exceptional safety and cleansing.

Alkaline RO Filtration on Three Levels

The food-grade BPA-free tank, platinum electrodes, and hygienic tubes provide safe freshwater anytime you need it while increasing the oxygen concentration and maintaining cleanliness in the storage tank. 

The Hydrolife by ZeroB has a pearl white exterior and a sophisticated design that restores 50 percent or more of the processed water. To deliver the water, it features a beautiful Multifunction dial.

Alkalinity Enhancer

Our alkaline filter restructures water molecules to make them physiologically active. The best Alkaline water filter in Mumbai, India, improves pH equilibrium, nutrition, alkalinity, and mineral absorption of regular water.

Top-of-the-line Alkaline Filter Technology

Three robust layers of filtering and making the water alkaline include 100% RO treatment, UV sterilization, and alkaline electrolysis with a pH range of 8<. Hydrolife’s innovative technology restructures water molecules to make them more hydrating and enriched with minerals. After years of R&D and on-ground surveys, our scientists have developed the best alkaline water purifier in Mumbai, India, which serves deliciously healthy water just in one tap.

Intelligent Monitoring

ZeroB’s revolutionary alkaline filtration monitor automatically inhibits water once it becomes unsafe for drinking.

The Hydrolife Support

Hydrolife’s supreme alkaline RO water purifier gives pristine clear water, enhances its nutritional value while keeping you healthy. Our diligent support team and water scientists in Mumbai, India, stay with you every step of the way – right from picking the best alkaline filter to its final installation. We are all always available for a free consultation at 022-2788 1234.

Why should I consume Alkaline Water?

There are many reasons experts suggest alkaline ionized water is beneficial for your health.

1. Enhanced Hydration

Drinking water with a pH < 7 efficiently nourishes and hydrates your system.

2. For a Better Digestion

Several testing agencies have authorized the impact of alkaline water on relieving digestive issues. As you start consuming alkaline ionized water, you can begin by setting the pH at 8.5. You can increase the pH as your system gets acclimatized to it.

3. Significantly Aids in Regular Cooking

 Alkaline water penetrates edible items more and has unique properties, such as releasing more flavors and nutritional value. 

4. Better Skin Cleansing

Our skin has a mildly acidic pH, and washing your face with water of a somewhat similar pH is beneficial. The Hydrolife ionizer produces water for your requirement, and your skin will enjoy having the same treatment every day.

5. Water with Antioxidants

Ionized water prevents the damaging oxidation reaction produced by negatively charged ions in the body. Antioxidant inhibits uncontrolled radicals from hurting the DNA and other cells.

6. Relieves Acid Reflux

 Pepsin is a highly charged enzyme that promotes acid reflux and heartburn, but since it is an acid, alkaline water neutralizes Pepsin.