Alkaline Water Ionizer – An Ideal choice


It is proven that water ionizers are health crafters that give you drinking water with a higher pH value than your regular drinking water. All alkaline water ionizer machines use the process of electrolysis to deliver this special water. ZeroB Hydrolife is an alkaline water ionizer machine made of 11 plates solid titanium electrodes with platinum coating.  

Water Ionizers of today!

The alkalyzer cell is the core component of an alkaline water ionizer which consist ofplatinized titanium plates. A regular tap water is converted into an alkaline healthy anti-oxidizing water when passed through the alkalyzer cell.

Today, the market is flooded with low-cost media-based alkaline water filters and pitchers. These are
able to give high pH water but may have less antioxidant power. But alkaline water made by electrolysis of water delivers high pH water with high antioxidant power with negative ORP up to -800 mV. 

Before making a purchase, consider the below questions :

  • What is the primary reason to purchase an alkaline water ionizer?
  • Is it aesthetically good to match your kitchen decor?
  • Does the alkaline water purifier resolve your kitchen space constraints?
  • Can your purifier remove chemical contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals and invisible compounds that may be present in the water?
  • Also assuring the purity parameter even for stored water?
  • Do you suffer from frequent digestive issues such as acidity, nausea etc?
  • Is anybody in your family taking pills to control diabetes, blood pressure?
  • Also, are you interested in losing your weight? 
  • Do you want to look young, fit with an active routine?

Explore the beauty of special water with Hydrolife

Here’s introducing the next-generation alkaline water ionizer machine from the house of Ion Exchange India Ltd called as Zero B Hydrolife.  Experience the look and feel of Hydrolife in your kitchen for your ease.  It is a compact unit that filters the water internally through 10-stage process of purification to give you superior and therapeutic alkaline and hydrogen water.

This is the only innovative and best alkaline water ionizer which has in-built RO purification thereby delivers contaminant-free alkaline and hydrogen water. It is also backed with Active Silver Purification (ESS technology) to keep your stored water germ-free, pure and safe 24*7.  

Antioxidizing water delivered by ZeroB Hydrolife has multiple health benefits. This phenomenal water has the power to improve your well-being. Regular consumption of alkaline water and hydrogen water will help you control lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. The antioxidizing power of hydrogen water also helps you in effective weight management.  Today acidity is a common problem for many. Regular drinking of alkaline water and hydrogen water gives relief from acidity issue as well as other digestive concerns.

Apart from its therapeutic benefits to inner health, it also brings radiance to your outer skin.
Regular spraying of hydrogen water on to your face will make your skin feel fresh, supple and younger!

So are you excited to bring home your best health crafter machine from Zero B! 

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