Alkaline Water Ionizer

ZeroB Hydrolife is a ground-breaking alkaline water ionizer that enables absolute control over your water. It purifies not only the drinking water but also lets you modify its alkalinity swiftly and efficiently. Drinking alkaline ionized water is safe. It also strengthens digestive health and improves the quality of the food cooked with it. After years of R&D and on-ground surveys, our scientists have developed the best water ionizer in Mumbai, India, which serves deliciously healthy water just in one tap.

It adds antioxidant properties to the water with a -800 ORP potency, which means the water processed with Hydrolife ionizers has loads of beneficial antioxidants for the longest time. 

ZeroB Hydrolife - Certified Alkaline Water Ionizer in India

Our ultra-modern filtering technology outperforms every single water ionizer in the market. Because our device has an excellent auto-cleaning feature, twin filtration cells easily last up to over a year and more while efficiently purifying and ionizing more than 10,000 liters of water.

This alkaline water ionizer by ZeroB uses electrolysis to reduce the Oxidation-reduction potential. It also increases its pH, making the water alkaline. Electrolysis separates your regular water between acidic and alkaline constituents. The user may regulate the alkalinity by utilizing easy switches and a display unit. 

You can always choose which water to pour from the kitchen tap and dispose of the acidic or oxidized water from another tube.

Know that neither of the two types of water gets wasted. You need not throw the oxidized water out. You can utilize its super cleansing properties for various purposes such as dishwashing, floor-cleaning, washing hands, and sterilizing wounds.

Our specialized team from Mumbai, India, stays with you throughout the process.

You can easily install Hydrolife alkaline water ionizer on a countertop with a regular faucet. We make sure you receive everything including, all the pipes, valves, and assembly hardware required to set up the unit. Our diligent team in Mumbai, India, helps you every step of the way, right from choosing the most appropriate water ionizer to setting it up at your home. On conventional countertop faucets, most installations take around ten minutes out of the box.

Lower ORP makes for Healthier Water

Our high-tech water ionizers filter the water and efficiently raise its pH to make it suitable for various uses.

As a result, regular water’s Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) gets lower and healthier. Water with low ORP levels is vital for us since it reduces the damaging action of oxidation over our cells and organ systems. ZeroB pure water solutions offer the best alkaline water ionizer machines in Mumbai, India. Our products utilize innovative technology to produce the least ORP values. 

Oxidation is harmful to our health since it may harm our tissues, proteins, and ribonucleic acids.

Medical experts believe that drinking water rich in antioxidants is just as healthy as eating antioxidant food items. It primarily combats the damaging effects of oxidation.

Why should I consume Hydrolife Alkaline Ionized Water?

There are many reasons experts suggest alkaline ionized water is beneficial for your health.

1. Enhanced Hydration

 Drinking water with a pH < 7 efficiently nourishes and hydrates your system.

2. For a Better Digestion

Several testing agencies have authorized the impact of alkaline water on relieving digestive issues. As you start consuming alkaline ionized water, you can begin by setting the pH at 8.5. You can increase the pH as your system gets acclimatized to it.

3. Significantly Aids in Regular Cooking

 Alkaline water penetrates edible items more and has unique properties, such as releasing more flavors and nutritional value. 

4. Better Skin Cleansing

Our skin has a mildly acidic pH, and washing your face with water of a somewhat similar pH is beneficial. The Hydrolife ionizer produces water for your requirement, and your skin will enjoy having the same treatment every day.

5. Water with Antioxidants

Ionized water prevents the damaging oxidation reaction produced by negatively charged ions in the body. Antioxidant inhibits uncontrolled radicals from hurting the DNA and other cells.

6. Relieves Acid Reflux

Pepsin is a highly charged enzyme that promotes acid reflux and heartburn, but since it is an acid, alkaline water neutralizes Pepsin.