Benefits and Usage of Sanitized Acidic Water


Water is important in our day-to-day life. There are many types of water purifiers that offers purified drinking water. But water delivered from alkaline water ionizers are supposedly superior quality water prepared through the process of electrolysis. Most of the advanced water ionizers not just offer drinking water, but also prepare water that can be used for other household chores. To maintain the balance of the kinds of water you have in your home requires regular self-monitoring to reap the benefits.

We are familiar about the advantages of alkaline and hydrogen water on health; it is imperative to know on the benefits derived from sanitized acidic water. Acidic water is bad for consumption purpose as it will harm the body but it is beneficial for topical applications and therefore can be stored at home. 

What is sanitized acidic water?

Acidic water refer to water with a pH less than 7. This kind of water is known to have cleansing properties, making it beneficial to be used for skin care, hair care and wash purpose.

If you’re wondering how to utilize acidic water, don’t stress: there are plenty of options! One of the most prominent is that it aids in the cleanliness of your house. Continue reading to learn about some practical applications for acidic water.


1. Keeps your home kitchen clean and germ-free

One of the most common applications for acidic water is cleaning. Acidic water has disinfectant qualities and may be applied to clean kitchen surfaces such as counters (not granite), sinks, stained corners and other objects! Acidic water is equivalent to your homemade bleach to keep your home clean without using chemicals! Acidic water is excellent for eliminating dirt and stains from the home while also aiding in the prevention of smells!

2. Washing of raw meat

Acidic water may be used to rinse raw meat and seafood, among other things! This will aid in the prevention of bacterial forms and can stay fresh for longer time. You may even give it a dual dose of hygiene by rinsing it with alkaline water!

3. Healing wounds and cuts

Acidic water can be effectively splashed or sprayed in a defined wounded-area. It will assist to relieve the pain and swelling produced by burns, as well as heal faster. Applying acidic water to clean cuts and scrapes often means avoiding infection and bacterial-growth, if at all.

4. Keeps your scalp healthy

Acidic water is known to prevent hair fall and reduce dandruff on your scalp. However, the positive benefit of this water may vary from individual to individual. 

5. Other Usages

Acidic Water should be utilized to clean eyewear or as a disinfectant. When used as a hand sanitizer, it may help eliminate even the harshest odors, such as garlic! Instead of using a chemical-laden hand sanitizer, consider using acidic water. Simply add a small amount of your preferred essential oil and you’re set to go!

We strongly advise you to experiment with substituting acidic water for some of the superficial uses. We are virtually positive that you will like what acidic water can do for you for your homecare. 

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