Dispelling Myths About Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Alkaline hydrogen water machines are gaining popularity owing to the increased number of people who believe in the benefits of alkaline hydrogen water. But there is a constant debate on whether alkaline hydrogen water offers all the benefits claimed by manufacturers, athletes, fitness experts, etc.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of hydrogen water and want to clear your queries once and for all, this blog is for you, which dispels the myths surrounding alkaline hydrogen water and sheds light on its numerous potential benefits, providing a well-rounded view of this remarkable elixir.

Myth 1: Alkaline Hydrogen Water is a Mere Marketing Gimmick

Ask the question from individuals who have experienced changes in their body and lifestyle after installing a hydrogen water purifier. Hydrogen water is not just a marketing gimmick; several scientific studies have proved so by exploring its therapeutic properties. The neutral pH of water is 7. But alkaline water increases the pH above the neutral level, making it more alkaline than acidic. This fact is fairly promoted, but it is a fact backed by scientific research.

Myth 2: Alkaline Water Has Nothing to do with Body’s pH Balance

One of the significant claims against alkaline hydrogen water is that it does not affect body’s pH balance. However, according to a study published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology, consumption of alkaline water has been associated with improved acid-base balance and hydration status.

Alkaline water has a pH higher than 7 of what you get in a regular tap water. It contributes to reducing the acidity levels in your body, thus promoting stronger gut health and improved quality of life.

Myth 3: Alkaline Hydrogen Water is Not Approved by Medical Research

It is not true. However, multiple scientists are working on the efficacy of alkaline hydrogen water. Many studies offer substantial evidence.

According to a study conducted by Yoshinori Tanaka, daily consumption of alkaline electrolyzed water containing hydrogen influences human health and is also beneficial for gastrointestinal symptoms. A four-week study was conducted, and it was found that drinking AEW containing hydrogen contributes to intestinal normalization. A huge number of participants also claimed that they experienced improved sleep patterns.

According to a 2016 study conducted by a team of experts, it was revealed that alkaline water reduces the ageing factor, results in a longer lifespan, and has a suppressive effect on free radicals, thus, causing disease prevention. It was quoted in the paper that “hydrogen-rich functional water is therapeutic for health promotion and disease prevention.”

Similar studies only add to the strength of claims of hydrogen water benefits

Myth 4: Hydrogen Water is Unsafe for Consumption

If you have ever heard so, forget it because FDA has declared hydrogen water as safe. It has also been recognized as a safe food additive, i.e., you can use hydrogen water for cooking without any second thoughts.

According to a scientific paper published in 2020, a 4-week study on a group of adults revealed that consuming hydrogen-rich water reduced inflammatory responses and prevented apoptosis of peripheral blood cells in healthy adults.

So, hydrogen water is safe. However, purchasing hydrogen water in non-permeable containers is advised for safety.

Myth 5: Alkaline Hydrogen Water is the Same as Regular Water

Regular water and alkaline hydrogen water are the same, except that hydrogen water has dissolved negatively charged ions, which boosts the antioxidant properties of the water and makes it anti-inflammatory. Due to its unique properties and increased antioxidants, it is more beneficial to health.

Myth 6: Alkaline Hydrogen Water Does Not Offer Any Additional Benefits

You must only look at the facts and testimonials from the hydrogen water consumers who have experienced the benefits.

Users have claimed that they have experienced better hydration after drinking hydrogen water. According to a 2019 study conducted on adult athletes, it was observed that athletes who consumed alkaline water were found to be better hydrated.

Users also claim that they experienced enhanced energy levels, reduced symptoms of acid reflux, and overall improved health.

Myth 7: Alkaline Hydrogen Water Does Not Cure Diseases

Yes, indeed, alkaline water does not cure diseases. Who can expect alkaline water to treat cancer or heart problems? However, it is said that “prevention is better than cure” and which is why it is important to take the initiative to ensure health safety first. Every human body is designed differently; what may work for one, may not work for the other in a given timeline. But following a good routine with alkaline hydrogen water will help reduce oxidative stress, the root cause of several chronic diseases.

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