How is Hydrogen Water Generated in Zero B Hydrolife?


In today’s time, the medication for certain chronic health conditions takes longer days to show treatment results. Therefore, alternative therapies have been a great choice to thrive on and experience positive health benefits in less time.  The Hydrogen water from a hydrogen water machine, is a therapeutic and miraculous remedy for treatment of chronic health conditions. 

What is Hydrogen Water:

Hydrogen water is water with contents of Hydrogen gas into it.

What is the significance of this water

Hydrogen is known to be a strongest antioxidant water. It has the highest antioxidizing power (up to -800mV ORP) which you don’t even get after eating numerous fruits and vegetables. 

Also, with the pandemic covid-19 breakdown, it is necessary to maintain high immunity. Therefore, a hydrogen water purifier to get hydrogen water is a good choice in the present time.

How does Zero B Hydrolife generate pure and healthy Hydrogen Water using a Hydrogen Water Generator

Through multiple treatment technologies and unique purification systems, Zero B Hydrolife delivers pure and safe hydrogen water. Initially, raw water is passed through innovative patented high recovery RO (HRR) system. Highly filtered and purified water is then passed through an alkalizer cell which is a core component to generate Hydrogen Water. 

Before water is passed through the alkalizer cell, its mineral content is checked automatically (Minera Logic patent applied) and passed through cartridge (Alkaline Crafter patents applied) to get sufficient minerals for producing appropriate Hydrogen water with high anti-oxidizing power.

Zero B Hydrolife contains a core system, the alkalizer cell, which generates alkaline water and hydrogen water. The alkalizer cell is made up of 2 titanium electrodes coated with platinum, a noble metal. One electrode is negatively charged called as cathode and the other electrode is positively charged, called as anode.

When direct voltage is applied and water is passed through these electrodes, water molecules split into H2 and OH.


H+ being a positive ion gets attracted towards negative electrode, i.e., cathode. 
Following is the reaction at CATHODE: 2H2O + 2 electrons   = 2OH- + H2

Why you should buy Zero B Hydrolife for Hydrogen water

At low TDS, any other brand water ionizer is unable to produce hydrogen water. Whereas a unique alkaline crafter cartridge in Zero B Hydrolife releases essential minerals automatically so as to generate hydrogen water (even for low TDS) with negative ORP of up to -800 mV. 

The Zero B Hydrolife Hydrogen water machine gives palatable drinking water even at 10 pH. On the contrary, other brand water hydrogen generator do not recommend drinking hydrogen water above 9.5 pH.

Also, other brand water hydrogen generator is equipped with only filtration systems as pre-treatment. And therefore, when hydrogen water machines are installed at high TDS areas, which has high TDS levels, the taste of hydrogen water is not acceptable.

Whereas, Zero B Hydrolife Hydrogen water purifier is equipped with reverse osmosis purification system which reduces the TDS levels to deliver purified, palatable and fresh hydrogen water for you even with high TDS levels.  

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