How to Prolong the Life of your Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?


Proper maintenance of alkaline water machines prolong the life and continue to deliver desired pH and ORP values. All ionizer machines contain a core component called the Alkalizer cell.

The alkaline water ionizer works efficiently as long as the health of alkalizer cell is maintained. After extensive usage and due to different types of waters (high TDS) the scaling can occur on alkalizer cell.
As a result, alkaline water ionizers are unable to deliver anti-oxidizing and high pH alkaline water.

Generally, ionizer machines use ultra-filtration and sediment filtration as a pre-treatment. These do not remove TDS and hardness of water. When this high TDS and hard water is passed through it, scaling starts to occur on the alkalizer cell. As a result, the performance of the ionizer machine starts deteriorating. Hence these machines cannot be installed at high TDS locations or areas.

Zero B Hydrolife uses reverse osmosis purification which itself helps reducing the formation of scaling on alkalizer cell. In-built Cleaning:

After a passage of certain amount of water through ionizer, cleaning of alkalizer cell should be included. Zero B Hydrolife gives an automatic alert to the user to initiate the electrolytic cleaning process after a passage of some amount of water.

Cleaning of pre-alkaline cell components:

The pre-filters prior to alkalizer cell should be cleaned regularly to provide filtered and clean water to alkalizer cell. Zero B Hydrolife is equipped with Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification prior to alkalizer cell, thereby sending pure, double-filtered, and clean water to alkalizer cell.

Filter Replacement:

Components prior to alkalyzer cell should be replaced as per scheduled for optimum performance.

Cleaning of Alkalyzer Cell:

Cleaning of alkalizer cell is mandatory to extend the life and performance of the alkalizer cell. Generally, the alkalizer cell is taken out and sent to service station for cleaning. Zero B Hydrolife alkalizer cell cleaning is done at your door step. Also it is service-friendly and time-efficient.