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Hydrolife is wondrous water which is delivered through its combination of innovation in water technology. Experience technology and innovation poured into your glass of water with diverse benefits.

Level 1 : Drinking Water Button
7.5 pH - 8.5 pH

home alkaline water in India

Drinking Water

This water is used for drinking purpose only.

Level 2 : Cooking Water Button
8.5 pH - 9.5 pH

home alkaline water in India

Alkaline Water

This water is used for making tea or coffee, apart from its use in cooking.

Level 3 : H2 Water Button
9.5 pH - 10.5 pH

Hydrogen Water: 9.5 pH – 10.5 pH

Hydrogen Water

This water is used for drinking quickly after dispensing it and as a beauty spray for face.

Level 4 : Purified Water Button
7.0 pH

Purified Water: 7.0 pH

Purified Water

This water is used for taking medicines or for other general purpose.

Level 5 : Sanitizing Water Button
3.5 pH - 5.5 pH

Sanitizing Water: 3.5 pH – 5.5 pH

Acidic Water

This water is used for sanitizing/cleaning purpose or as an astringent to remove hard stains.

Why Hydrolife is unique?

Best Water Purifier for Home
  • Delivers healthy Alkaline & Hydrogen water with any water source, even at low TDS for drinking, cooking and sanitization.
  • Equipped with built-in high recovery (70%) RO & ESS technology.
  • Electrolyzer Cell: Uses 11 plate high titanium electrodes with platinum coating
  • Negative ORP upto -800mV of Hydrogen water
  • Option for selecting RO or Active Silver ESS Water Purification.
  • Hassel-Free auto electrode cleaning system

Technical Specifications

Dispensing Flow Rate Upto 1 liter/min
Purification Flow Rate 10 LPH
Storage Tank Capacity (HN Tank) 8 litres
Display Screen 3.8 inch Smart Colour LCD
Continuous Usage Time Not more than 30 mins
Unit Dimension (W x D x H) mm 280 x 460 x 450
Operating Voltage 230±10% VAC
Power Consumption (W) 175 Watts
Inlet Opening 1/2″ BSP thread connection
Inlet Water Temperature Less than 45 centigrade
Inlet Pressure 0.5- 2 kg/cm2
Feed Water TDS (PPM) 20 – 1500 ppm
Turbidity (NTU) Less than 5
Total Hardness (PPM) 500 max
Silica (PPM) Less than 20
Iron & Manganese Oil & Grease (PPM) Nil
Combo Filter 10 micron 8″ combo block with filter bag
Sediment Filter 5-10 micron
RO Membrane 1812 RO membrane
Nova Cartridge Water saver cartridge
Optional Purification System ESS – Electrolytic System Sanitizer
Alkaline Crafted Cartridge Mineralizer block
Alkalizer Cell With 11 plates
Carbon Cartridge 4″ carbon cartridge