Know The Differences of Water


Today health and wellness is centered around a good diet that comprises a lot of raw organic foods combined with exercise, rest and good mental balance. While what is the most important health paradigm is the foundation of the health- WATER!

Here, we are going to talk about Alkaline Ionized Water that supports every system in your BODY and prepares your body to fight or control any oncome of diseases!

Learn the difference between distilled water, plain water and alkaline ionized water

The major difference between plain water and alkaline ionized water is-

Purification Method:

Distilled water undergoes a process of distillation, plain water is your regular filtered water and alkaline water is delivered through a process of electrolysis.

Water Taste:

Distilled water by its nature is sweeter in taste, plain water has a neutral taste and alkaline water has a crisp taste.

pH Difference:

Distilled and plain water creates an electrolyte imbalance in the body while ionized alkaline water preserves the electrolytes in the body and keeps it balanced and invigorated.

Further, let us understand detailed differences in neutral plain water and ionized water

Ionized water has the potential to give health benefits while plain water will simply quench your thirst and maintain hydration.

Ionized water has antioxidants potential which regular plain water doesn’t contain. Any water which has the pH of greater than 7 has an alkaline pH. But that water won’t have health benefits of ionized water because lacks antioxidant potential, and it isn’t alkaline enough to counteract acidity in the body.

Plain water can also be made alkaline in nature by simply dissolving natural alkaline foods into the glass of plain water or the water is alkaline by its very own nature. The natural plain water that is alkaline, gets its alkalinity from calcium, magnesium and potassium. There is a misconception that all alkaline water is healthy and high quality. Just by getting high pH values does not really mean the water is healthy and regardless the process it’s gone through to get there.

These days bottled alkaline water that you find in stores contains various mineral depositions such as sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, calcium etc. that helps to inorganically raise the pH values above 7. Whereas, ionized alkaline water will retain its pH properties for around 24 hours post which it will show reduced values.

Ionized alkaline water has age-fighting antioxidants potential. The chemical difference between ionized water and plain water is that plain water gets its alkalinity from natural alkaline foods (lemon) or baking soda, external addition of calcium and magnesium drops. These are salt mineral which makes water hard. They are also mildly alkaline. Mild alkalis can only restrain a small amount of acidity from the body. Thus plain alkaline water undergoes only a chemical change.

Ionized alkaline water can restrain acidity in the body. The presence of calcium and magnesium hydroxide in ionized water is only because of the ionization process of water ionizers with an electrical charge, without any chemicals or synthetic minerals added.

The alkalinity of ionized water can be adjusted according to the needs of the body through a water ionizer. The Ionized water helps to eliminate the acidity of the body which is responsible for countless no. of diseases. Additionally, Alkaline Ionized water is free from harmful acids and toxins that accumulated in cells and helps a human body to be safe from premature aging. The overall absorption of alkaline ionized water is faster and quick for better health.

Moreover, maintaining high alkaline environment is a necessity for body to function smoothly. Since alkaline water from ZeroB Hydrolife delivers water through the process of electrolysis, it enables faster absorption, quick penetration and 3 times more hydration than regular tap water.

Additional Benefits of Alkaline water

  • It aids in creating alkaline body environment
  • It fights free radicals and oxidative stress
  • It helps to recover from acid refluxes

Therefore alkaline ionized water from ZeroB Hydrolife is the only water to be offering health benefits. As alkalized water is the only water that has been researched by medical scientists and proven to have numerous health beneficial properties.

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