Know Your Heart, Know Your Health!

Benefits of Healthy Water on Heart Health

Your body is one soul and one heart. If one of the body parts or systems is affected, it affects the entire body. Everyone knows that the human body is 75% water. And if your body lacks water, it affects your overall health, including your heart. We need not talk about the importance of heart health, do we?

Now, drinking water has multiple benefits, but how it impacts your cardiovascular health is a big question. In this blog, you will learn about the benefits of healthy water for heart health and why you should invest in the best alkaline water purifier.

How Does Alkaline Water Help Maintain Good Heart Health?

Humans are always driven easily with the latest fads and trends in the quest for good health and beauty care. With alkaline water benefits, we deep dive into reality of its usefulness on preventive heart diseases.

Our diet and lifestyle play a significant role in cholesterol levels. Genetics can also influence susceptibility to high cholesterol. However, over a period of time, there have been progress strategies, therapies and interventions that can help you lower the cholesterol and maintain heart health. It all starts with embracing a wholesome alkaline diet and lifestyle, thus making it your hearts best friend in the long run.

Your heart is the powerhouse that beats (expands and contracts) 100,000 times per day to sustain life. It needs a steady flow of blood to keep it beating. Water is life, and if you are dehydrated all the time, then you run a risk of getting heart disease. Coronary artery disease, heart attack, strokes, etc., are all caused by multiple unhealthy habits, and staying dehydrated is one of them.

Proper hydration supports overall cardiovascular function, reducing the likelihood of heart-related complications. Your body needs to get 2 things from water- Hydration and Nutrition.

The World Health Organization (WHO) asserts the importance of having nutrition from water. 

They recommend you get about 20% of your daily needs of calcium and magnesium from the water you drink. The reason for their recommendation is that your body absorbs calcium and magnesium 30% easier and faster from water than it does from food.

Alkaline water helps transport oxygen and nutrients to cells while removing waste products and toxins. Adequate hydration ensures that blood flows smoothly through arteries and veins. Also, a well hydrated heart slows the progression of any changes in the heart to a chronic condition. It reduces the risk of blockages and arterial stiffness, which can lead to heart problems. It is wise to keep sipping throughout the day and not to forget that hydration can come from eating fruits and veggies too.

Electrolyte Balance in Heart Health

Electrolytes are substances in the blood such as calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium. All of which keeps sending signals throughout the body for its respective maintenance. In the fitness industry electrolytes is synonymous to “hydration”, as they play a role in hydrating the body. Electrolytes are chemicals which needs healthy water to conduct an electric charge to perform its function in the body, for instance sending electrical impulses from the heart cells throughout the body. Healthy levels and an appropriate balance of electrolytes is crucial to keeping all systems and muscle functions healthy, including those relating to the heart. So in case your body is electrolyte-deficient, you have other natural alternative i.e.  Alkaline water from ZeroB Hydrolife that will balance the electrolyte in your body.

Why Choose ZeroB Hydrolife Alkaline Water Purifier?

Do you know, how much toxins and plastics are in your water? 

The water to the homes come from the mountains/springs/surface, where it interacts with rocks and stones, thus contributing to illness more than wellness.

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