Make Healthy Elixir Summer Coolers And Mocktails!


It’s that time of the year where the heat has finally arrived, and while the temperature continues to rise and heat up, so is our body! During this time, it is important to keep your body hydrated as exposure to hot climate can lead to dehydration and lower your energy levels drastically.

Good hydration is essential to keep your internal organs healthy. Human body is made up of 65% water and yet our bodies need more water because our bodies produce a lot of sweat leading to water loss from our bodies. This is exactly why it is important to stay hydrated throughout the season.

We are familiar about so many summer cool energy drinks, mocktails, packaged bottled drinks etc. And we consume it because, we like the taste of it and tends to quench our thirst. But we forget to ask ourselves if whether these drinks actually keep us hydrated!

The answer is No.
These drinks only serve the temporary purpose- quench our thirst and satisfies the urge.

What If we can prepare the same drinks with healthy contents?

Yes, you read it right. We can easily replace regular water with mild alkaline water with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5 to prepare these drinks. Replace all the coloured artificial flavours with original contents of the fruits you want. Your summer drink is ready to drink!

Implementing an alkaline water ionizer machine into your home is an effective way to improve your lifestyle. The water from this machine by ZeroB has the ability to not only keep you hydrated throughout the heated season, but it also has many health benefits. The best part? You are definitely not limited to consuming just water; you can create a variety of natural beverages with this water, from your favourite iced coffees, to coolers and mocktails!

The healthy water delivered from a water ionizer machine have micro clustering property with high absorption levels. Hence any natural ingredients tend to get immersed quickly into this healthy water, allowing your drink to be tastier with an enriching colour to it!

So, this summer not only will you be quenching your thirst but you’ll also be able to stay healthy with alkaline and hydrogen water with ZeroB’s alkaline water ionizer machine

Why alkaline water is recommended you ask? Well, it has many benefits that do improve your overall lifestyle. The reasons include:

  1. Drinking alkaline water as a part of your daily routine ensures that your body receives all the essential minerals that it needs. You don’t have to worry about consuming extra supplements or high mineral foods when these minerals can become a part of your life just by consuming water. 
  2. The hydration you receive from alkaline and hydrogen is 6 times higher than that of the normal water you would consume otherwise. This is one of the major health benefits that come with alkaline water.
  3. Antioxidants are good for our body to prevent or delay cell damage and it is found in alkaline water. Whereas this water has its immediate effects, it also has long-term benefits.
  4. For anyone who has trouble with digestion or in general want to maintain good digestion, alkaline water is definitely for you! With alkaline water, you can improve and see better digestion in your body.
  5. Have you heard the saying, calm your nerves? Well if you have and if you think you need to, alkaline water can help. This water is known to be a method of calming your nervous system.

One very important aspect to consider is how the pandemic has changed everyone’s lifestyle across the globe. More than ever, it has become crucial to maintain and improve immunity. Eating and drinking healthy is one of the best ways to build robust immunity.

Make your summer cooler, healthier, and full of hydration with ZeroB Hydrolife hydrogen water purifier. Drink the water as is, or makes things fun and healthy for your kids and entire family by creating amazing coolers and mocktails to get you through the season!