Molecular Hydrogen and Alkaline as A Scavenger for Reactive Oxygen Species


Water is an essential source for human life. Human bodies are already made up of 70% water. However, more water is needed to keep the organs healthy and hydrated. Hydration is the key to keep all the diseases at bae. It has been said that 8 glasses of water, is a must to keep the body hydrated. But is the body really hydrated, depends on many factors.

Would you trust us if we told you there is already a product that will not only rehydrate you quicker and better than conventional water but also boost your circulation, tissue, and organ health? You’d better believe it. Because it is possible with an alkaline water machine!

Good health does not only depend on drinking healthy water, it also depends on your outer environment. Under environmental stress, your body may also suffer from oxidative stress.

There are many studies which says that oxidative stress can be responsible, with different degrees of importance, in the onset and/or progression of several diseases (i.e., cancer, diabetes, metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular diseases)

What is Oxidative Stress?

An imbalance between the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (free radicals) and Antioxidants. 

What is Free Radicals?

Free radicals are generated from both endogenous and exogenous sources. Immune cell activation, inflammation, ischemia, infection, cancer, excessive exercise, mental stress, and aging are all responsible for endogenous free radical production.

Exogenous free radical production can occur as a result from exposure to environmental pollutants, heavy metals, certain drugs, chemical solvents, cooking (smoked meat, used oil, and fat), cigarette smoke, alcohol, and UV radiations. When these exogenous compounds penetrate the body, they are degraded or metabolized, and free radicals are generated as by-products.

Free radicals and oxidants give rise to a phenomenon known as oxidative stress; this is a harmful process that can negatively affect several cellular structures, such as membranes, lipids, proteins, lipoproteins, and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

What is antioxidants?

Antioxidants are good class of compounds that counter oxidative stress and mitigate its effects on individuals’ health.These compounds have shown efficacy in disease prevention and control as well as also known to be harmless without any side effects. Antioxidants are very useful compounds to human health and particularly add a new life in the life of a cancer patient, without any adverse effects.

By now we know about oxidative stress, free radicals, reactive oxygen species that are contributors to bad health and antioxidants that contribute to good health. 

How do we maintain good physiological balance?

The answer is Water. Water is life, especially if it is electrolyzed alkaline water and hydrogen water.Alkaline water has antioxidant benefits and by itself, can neutralize Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).ROS’s are a normal part of your body’s metabolism. As long as you maintain a healthy balance of ROS and antioxidants, they can be beneficial. Unfortunately, many people have excessive levels of ROS in their bodies which can lead to health problems. Excessive ROS levels can be caused by diets high in fats and sugar, stress, health problems, alcohol, and toxins.

How is molecular hydrogen and alkaline a scavenger for reactive oxygen species?

Among the purifiers, alkaline ionized water generators have attracted attention because the produced water is not only tasty but also beneficial to human health.Simply speaking, alkaline water is water with a higher pH potential than conventional drinking tap water. The high alkaline pH water is containing rich dissolved hydrogen making this water as a reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging activity.

Zero B Hydrolife uses platinum coated titanium electrodes for the electrolysis of water.  On the cathode platinum plate, hydrogen atoms (active hydrogen) and hydrogen molecules are generated.The alkaline water produced by the alkaline water purifiers has smaller H2O units that your system can assimilate and consume more quickly. It also has a delicious quality and provides faster and improved hydrating for your body since it includes a substantial supply of energy-rich oxygen. 

Furthermore, drinking alkaline water rather than ordinary water has several real health benefits, including:

  • Blood glucose levels are lower.
  • Allergic responses are less likely.
  • Increased resistance to the effects of free radicals
  • Energy levels are increased.

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