Obesity & Weight Management Just By Changing Your Water


Obesity for various reasons, is a common problem across the world. A small word “Obesity” can actually have lasting downturns on the health front. It is one such problem that can have a spiraling effect on to your internal health and lead to various other diseases, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fatty liver and so forth.

The word “Alkaline Water” may sound as a trendy fad but is actually a lot healthier than your regular drinking water. It can help you gain positive health benefits over a period of time with its regular use. Yes, it can help you in weight management, which is just one of its numerous advantages.

So, if you or a loved one is fighting obesity, here are six unexpected ways ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water filters can help you lose weight.

1. Alkaline and Hydrogen water can boost your metabolism

The simplest strategy to lose weight quickly is to increase your body’s metabolism, or the rate at which your body will burn calories. A faster metabolism suggests that your system can consume excess fat whether you’re awake or asleep. Drinking alkaline and hydrogen water is linked with losing weight regardless of food and movement, according to scientific research studies. Further, studies reveal that long-term consumption of alkaline and hydrogen water is beneficial in improving metabolic diseases, due to its ability to regulate inflammation and lipid metabolism.

2. Reduced Acidic Environment:

Let’s go by the Dr. Otto Warburg philosophy of “no diseases can stay in an alkaline environment”. The body creates fat cells in order to neutralize the acidity. Drinking alkaline water helps neutralize the acidity and reduce fat storage. Further, regular drinking of alkaline water and hydrogen water will continue to burn the fat stored within the cells caused due to external pollutants, toxins and other lifestyle habits.

3. It can stop your cravings

Binge eating can never benefit your weight loss efforts, irrespective of how quick or sluggish your metabolic rate is. Cravings are the primary reason that several diets fail.
When you’re on a tight, low-calorie diet, it’s nearly hard to avoid those wonderful fats and fatty meals unless you use alkaline water to aid the body.

The trick is to take a couple of glasses of alkaline water whenever you feel like succumbing to temptation.

4. Alkaline and hydrogen water re-hydrates faster

Most important part of any weight loss journey is “Proper Hydration”. Unlike your regular drinking water, Zero B Hydrolife healthy alkaline and hydrogen water provides 6 times hydration to your body. The beauty of this water is that, it gets quickly absorbed into the body and easily enters the cell membranes, thereby improving the hydration as well as improves the visceral fat area.

5. It supports your digestive tract

Aside from weariness, dehydration causes a drier colon, which is the biggest reason for bloating and constipation. Consuming alkaline water and hydrogen water daily improves intestinal lubrication and maintains appropriate colon function. Not only will you not feel nauseous, but a functioning colon will also wash out any substances or poisons that may be harmful to your digestive tract.

6. Resolves Oxidative Damage:

Compared to normal weight individuals, the susceptibility for oxidative damage is higher in obese individuals. In obese individuals the antioxidant inhibition is lower and therefore are easily prone to increase production of free radicals and oxidative stress, leading to further risks and complications related to obesity.

7. It improves your muscle function

Aside from its hydrating and non-caloric properties, alkaline water and hydrogen water has demonstrated strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help stabilize physiologic turmoil caused by oxidative stress and inflammation. Water is the most widely used fluid, its different properties, mineral content, acidity, and/or basicity (pH) can determine hydration status and other therapeutic properties during exercise.

Drinking alkaline and hydrogen water has found out to stimulate energy metabolism, further enabling the maintenance of muscle performance as well as reduced oxidation stress.

During exercise, the pH balance is moved, hence drinking Zero B Hydrolife healthy alkaline and hydrogen water will facilitate most of these reactions and accelerate the body’s recovery process after intense exercise.

To conclude, significant health treats occur due to accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), accompanied by dys-regulated lipid metabolism and inflammation, which are the primary risk factors for lifestyle-related metabolic diseases. Hence it is important to explore the potential benefits derived from alkaline and hydrogen water for obesity and weight management.

To function properly, the adult body needs moderately alkaline environments. And for which alkaline ionized water contributes to disease improvement and prevention. By drinking alkaline water daily, you may reestablish a normal pH level, which reduces acidity and aids in fat burning via a chain of neutralization processes.

Although there is no magic pill that can lead to weight loss immediately, having an alkaline water filter at home can improve efficiency and support your efforts. Finally, integrating sufficient hydration with a low-calorie diet and frequent exercise is the key to a leaner, healthier physique. Without a doubt, this is the most effective approach to reducing weight quickly.

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