Regain Bone Muscle Strength with Ionized Alkaline Water


Looking after your bone health is a life-long procedure and needs to be looked after at all stages of life, as bones are a living tissue and it changes over time. We often overlook strong bone health until bone loss is advanced. A number of factors are directly associated with bone health.

Building strong bones begins in childhood. It has been taught to us since childhood that calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and other minerals are essential to the formation and maintenance of healthy bones. The lack of calcium and minerals degenerates our bone and causes osteoporosis, arthritis, and other diseases or discomforts over time.

Role of metabolic acidosis in bone health

Nutritional benefits derived from certain kinds of foods and altering lifestyle habits can help build and maintain strong bones. However, since the diet we take today lingers more around junk food and is less inclined towards healthy options, it affects our bone health, muscles, strength and balance. Regular consumption of junk food leads to acid reflux in the body which cuts minerals from the body! Acid-base equilibrium within the human body is tightly maintained through the blood and tissue buffering systems
In individuals, with long-term acid forming foods, pH is adjusted at the cost of the bone, leading to bone-breaking, thin bones, low bone density, bone resorption, cause due to excessive metabolic acidosis in the body fluids.

One of the most common bone disease in humans is Osteoporosis, and millions get affected by this.
There is increasing recognition that insufficient exercise, poor vitamin D levels and low dietary calcium are common in modern society. Lack of awareness and neglect, on other dietary minerals such as magnesium, silicon, Vitamin K, and boron as equally important contributors to bone health.

While everything seems right, but what is the permanent solution?

Bone is a dynamic tissue with continuous regeneration. In adults the bone regeneration process gets disturbed due to physiological, biochemical, and increased bone resorption.
Body uses many fluids, i.e. water which moves freely in and out as conditions change in different parts of the body. Water content varies in different parts of the body. Bones have approximately 25-30% water. The amount of water consumed determines the health of your bones. Water brings calcium and other nutrients throughout the body. Therefore, hydration is a very important factor for combating acid-base imbalance and improve sports performance as well.

Considering the vast amounts of fluids used during exercise, water seems to be the most often form of hydration. Water comes in different forms, with specific properties depending on its mineral content.
Drinking hydrogen rich water in human nutrition is a rather new concept, and it is recently suggested for medical purposes and hydration during exercise..

We are aware that healthy nutritional habits along with daily exercise routine is required to maintain the bone health. Although exercise has shown to have clear bone-building and strength-building effects, it is just one of the contributors to avoid risk.

Alkaline water is being highly recognized in the past few years, as a nutritional aid for the general public for acidity-lowering, antioxidant, and antiaging properties.

However, with an alkaline water filter installed in your home, adding ionized alkaline water to your daily diet can improve your bone and entire health. Let us discover add-on benefits now:

Ionized Alkaline Water Helps You Regain Bones, Muscles, & Strength -

1- By Neutralizing Acid In the Body

With acid-base imbalance the body starts to cannibalize the bones to neutralize the acid by creating an alkaline environment. In this situation all the essential nutrients are extracted from the bones, leading to bone loss and fragility.
Besides, as inflammation and pain in arthritis are caused due to acid in the body, alkaline water will lubricate the muscles and joints and relieve pain and inflammation by reducing the level of acid in the body.

Helps You Absorb More Calcium

Calcium solubility is a prerequisite to calcium absorption. And the solubility of the calcium is highly pH dependent. This means that the higher the pH level in the body, the easier the body can absorb calcium.

Normally filtered water has a pH of 7, and alkaline filters produce water with a pH of 8 to 9. Thus, drinking alkaline water helps your body absorb calcium and other minerals easily, which enables you to gain strength, maintain bone health, and regenerate bones.

Lowers Bone Resorption

According to a study, alkaline water works on bone resorption. In bone resorption, old bone cells break down and new ones replace them. Thus leading to positive effects on bone mass.

Wrapping Up

Drinking ionized alkaline water is a redressal of many issues in the body. It neutralizes acidity in the body, provides minerals, maintains higher pH, and increases metabolism. Not just it strengthens your bones and helps in muscle gain, bone regeneration, and gain strength, but it also saves your body from a number of related diseases.

Thus, get the ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water filter installed today and drink every glass of water full of minerals.