The Best Times to Drink Hydrogen Water

Alkaline Hydrogen Water

For so many years, water has been one of the most mysterious substances on this planet. Scientists across the world are still discovering amazing facts about water.

More than 70% of human body-weight is water. It only means that humans are bundle of water wrapped in skin and walking around. Understanding water and drinking the right kind of water at the right time gives the right hydration. Let us explore the myriad benefits derived from Hydrogen water at different time intervals of your day.

The glory of waking up

For most of us, a refreshing morning starts with a cup of refreshing coffee or tea. Seldom, do we realize that, this act is habit-forming and this may lead to draining of kidney energy, stresses the adrenals, causes constipation and can affect the washing out of bacteria from your mouth to your gut, which can disrupt your metabolism.

It’s ideal to immediately dispense from Hydrolife water ionizer, a fresh glass of Hydrogen water, be seated and relax while allow the body to replenish fluids as well as nourish the body cells, flush out toxins and improve metabolism. 

Quest for Hydration in the afternoon

Ahead in the day, we often feel drained out or mentally exhausted and are tempted for a heavy afternoon meals to revive. But the fact is we are actually not hungry, may be thirsty. This one glass of Hydrogen water will keep you satiated and prevent over-eating during lunch time.

Developing a pre-meal practice, will instill a feeling of fullness thus promoting your overall wellbeing.


Serenity of the dusk

One thing that everyone can agree upon is that we all get tired after a long active day, which may have also generated a lot of waste products more rapidly than we can even think of getting rid of. At the time of dusk, we need to rest out and drink a glass of antioxidant-rich Hydrogen water, to discard wastes faster as well as to release buildup of oxidative stress inside the body, thus leading to improved and balanced mood and calmness.

Also drinking a glass of Hydrogen water before bedtime ensures optimum hydration and promotes sleep quality which delivers detoxification benefits for the next day.


The important thing to remember is the fact that all foods, health or junk, expensive or not, good tasting or bad, produce acidic waste products that our body has to get rid of. Discarding the acid wastes means, leading your body towards alkalinity and 10 times more oxygen into your body with regular ritual of Hydrogen water from ZeroB Hydrolife.

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