The freestanding Hydrolife unit has the freedom to either be supported from the top or the bottom, as per your unique needs and demands. The selection for your kind of water can be made on the unit; allowing you to collect your water from under the nozzle outlet embedded in it.


M.R.P :  3,24,000/-

Electrode Plates :
pH range :
ORP Range :
up to – 800mV*
Generates :
8 types of water levels.
Total Surface area :
Warranty :
5 Years on the electrolyzer cell
This is a wellness product designed for personal and limited use at home.
(No external chemicals added)


In one drop of water are found all the secrets of life.

Striking Display Panel

The 3.8 inch smart display panel stands out with its distinct color when in use. The screen illuminates into multi-color back lights with every feather touch, thus making it more user-engaging for the choice of your water.

11 Titanium Plates

Experience a superior process of water electrolysis which uses 11 solid Japan-make ionic plates made of titanium with platinum coating. The ionic membrane enhances hydrogen water production, thereby increasing antioxidant level, to give you healthy water.

Active Prefilteration

A robust 2-stage filteration with silver impregnated carbon takes care of turbidity upto 5 NTU improving the overall performance of the water crafter.

Built-in RO Purification Technology

ZeroB Hydrolife is equipped with High Recovery (up to 70%) Reverse Osmosis system which removes chemical and microbial contaminants to deliver safe and pure water.

Wide TDS Range

The product water is delivered within the inlet water range of 20 to 1500ppm. Even in low salinity areas, the product delivers alkaline water at high pH and negative ORP values. It also has an in-built patented mineral crafter technology that takes care of mineral addition.

5 Years Warranty

ZeroB Hydrolife is backed with 5 years warranty on the Alkalyzer Cell.Our trained Hydrolife service experts will come to your door-step for servicing at your convenience.

Auto Self-Cleaning

At regular intervals, the ZeroB Hydrolife Water Crafter instructs the user to start the cleaning process, when the red flashlight of CLEANING button starts blinking.

Add-on Storage

The product also comes along with an additional water storing Hydro pneumatic (HN) tank which can store up to 10 liters of electro sanitized silverized clean water as well as protects the tank from any slime formation.



    An innovative HRR, High Recovery RO process (patent applied), specifically Water Saver Cartridge( WSC) releases ingredients that continuously sweep away the salts, kill the microbes and thereby, allow the process to be operated at high recovery levels.

    In conventional UV purifying systems, even the purest UV purified water that is stored in bottles can get recontaminated due to build-up of slime or bacterial growth. This is an undesirable situation.

    Alkalizers work efficiently at pH in the range of 30 to 50ppm(minimum). But there is a need of minerals while using RO purification and even for low TDS water.

    Zero B Minera Logic is a unique smart device which automatically selects to channelize the water through Alkaline Crafter based on the TDS of RO or Active Silver ESS purified water so as to accordingly achieve high alkaline and hydrogen levels.