Why Alkaline Water Machine is a Wise Choice?

Alkaline Water Machine

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is an alkaline water machine?

An alkaline water machine is a water purifier that delivers water with a pH of higher value than 7. The water delivered by these purifiers is superior quality water which uses 99.99% titanium electrodes with platinum coating.

The process of water purification and the quality of water is the biggest differentiator when you compare a regular RO/UV water purifier and alkaline water purifier.

The machine separates water into acidic and alkaline channels via a process known as electrolysis. Hence, these machines deliver water types across a pH ranging lowest (highly acidic) from 3.5 and goes up to 11 (highly alkaline). Each of these are beneficial for different chores contributing to your overall wellness.

Alkaline water machine effectively functions as a water electrolyzer. An alkaline and hydrogen water purifier is also known as a therapeutic medical product and is highly used due to its negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value and its natural antioxidant property.
A negative ORP helps to fight against the damaging oxidative stress caused due to free radical formation in the body.

What Is Alkaline Water, and why it is beneficial?

We just described how alkaline water machines function to produce alkaline water. Now let’s see how this water works like magic to promote good health.

The pH level of water is a measure on the scale representing the quality of water. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 representing the most acidic, 14 representing the most alkaline, and 7 indicating neutral water. Regular pure drinking water has a pH of around 7 or neutral. A water ionizer makes the water more alkaline, increasing the pH to 8 or 9. Since the water becomes alkaline, it can effectively neutralize the acids inside our bodies.

Most people who consume alkaline water daily experience many benefits, including less acid reflux, improved hydration, healthy skin, better weight management, colon cleansing, to name a few.

Why should you invest in an alkaline water machine?

An alkaline water machine is equipped with the best water technology and features to provide you with the healthiest superiorantioxidant-rich water. There are many benefits, which you can benefit from. Read along to understand some of them.

pH and ORP

Optimized pH and negative ORP value are the first major advantages of alkaline water machines. The basic function of a water ionizer is to raise the pH and produce alkaline water.

So are you’re looking for a machine that can provide a wide variety of pH values?

You get varied water options in a compact alkaline and hydrogen water purifier.

You’ll get better and optimized water for various purposes, such as drinking water, cooking water, cleaning and sanitizing water, hydrogen water and so on. In general, you get a pH value ranging from 3.5 to 11.

You must also see the enhanced antioxidizing property of the water, as shown by ORP. An optimal ORP range is generally between +800 and -600. Waters with a negative ORP have higher antioxidizing capabilities while positive ORP contributes to the acidic nature of water.

Water filtration

Most alkaline water machines are combined with water purification technologies of varied kind. This improves the drinking water by eliminating acidic chemicals and hazardous sediments. You should also consider the filter’s life cycle. Opt for a filtration system that does not require regular maintenance and is relatively long run. This in itself saves you money, but it also eliminates the trouble of having to purchase and replace filters regularly.

Settings and Usability

Ionizers often divide pH and ORP values into many presets. We can access these settings via the device’s front-facing feather-touch display panel. Many provide more or fewer presets (usually around 4 and 8), with each providing greater and lower pH values. There is typically an option for non-alkalized filtered (purified) water as well.

User-friendly setting functionality.

Many ionizers arrange their settings by pH levels. The Zero B Hydrolife alkaline water machines have visual images to show for every setting and what they are best suited for (ex. Cooking, drinking, coffee making, face cleansing, sanitizing etc.).

The finest machines also have an LED display that helps in monitoring current ORP and pH levels.

Compact Design

Unlike large-size RO purifiers and other competitors, Zero B Hydrolifealkaline water machines occupy much less space; look aesthetically appealing, and fit anywhere above the fridge or a shelf. It comes with an HN tank and in totality offers a storage capacity of up to 8 liters. Other accessories include a large alkaline drinking water bottle and a mist beauty spray bottle.

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