ZeroB Hydrolife – A Compact and Functional Water Ionizer Machine!


The alkaline water ionizer is the talk of the industry. The market potential for drinking water with high alkalinity continues to grow as more people started gaining awareness on the wonder water and its health benefits. Alkaline water sales almost doubled in the past 5 years. How would it feel if you could make your alkaline water at home to save yourself the effort?

What are the top water types of ZeroB Hydrolife?


A continual electrolysis method is used to provide alkaline water.In our alkaline water ionizer
Water molecule is split, positive ions like H+ is moved towards negative electrode i.e. cathode. Here we get alkaline water with higher pH or hydrogen water. -OH ions get attracted towards anode. Here we get acidic water. 

Alkaline water fortifies the immune system, speeds up recovery and lubricates the joints to make them stronger. Good hydration is fundamental to health, and alkaline ionized water is improved hydration.


Water, from the Hydrolife alkaline water ionizer, unlike conventional water, offers a significant concentration of Hydrogen (H2), a powerful antioxidant with a lower reduction potential that effectively neutralize and prevent the harmful consequences of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and volatile free radicals. Antioxidants found in Hydrogen water has the power to block the dangerous oxidation thereby preventing them from reacting with healthy tissues.


Hydrolife water when processed through the electrolysis method, delivers water molecules comprising small clusters of 5-6 water molecules, allowing for greater absorption into body cells and the delivery of important minerals and nutrients to your cell.


The water delivered from ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water ionizer can be widely used for topical applications. (Please note: restrict the use of this water for drinking/consumption).
Acidic water refers to water with a pH less than 7. This kind of water is known to have cleansing properties, making it beneficial to be used for skin care, hair care and other wash purpose.


Hydrolife water may be better taken into the body due to its high solubility and easy absorption, resulting in improved hydration, absorption, digestion, and penetration into the deepest layers of your cells.


The human body is made up of trillions of cells. All the food that we eat enters the body cells for nourishment and is then converted into energy. Water makes about 80 to 97 percent of the cytosol inside the cellular membranes, where severalbiological activities occur.

In a human body, hydrogen has the ability to diffuse through membranes and enter the cytosol.

It easily enters the mitochondria and nucleus of a human cell

What are Mitochondria?

Cells have many parts each exhibiting a different function. One of the major part is known as Mitochondria.
– Mitochondria are complex organelles that convert energy from food into a form that the cell can use.
-A healthy mitochondria plays an important role in the maintenance of bodily functions.

As cells become dehydrated, the transport and distribution of nutrients are hampered, and the brain sends out thirst impulses. The solution: Drink ZeroB Hydrolife Hydrogen Water!

The exclusive Zero B Hydrolife features!

Delivers healthy Alkaline & Hydrogen water with any water source, even at low TDS for drinking, cooking, and sanitization.

Equipped with built-in high recovery (70%) RO & ESS technology.

Electrolyze Cell: Uses 11 plate high titanium electrodes with platinum coating

Negative ORP up to -800mV of Hydrogen water

Option for selecting RO or Active Silver ESS Water Purification.

A hassle-Free auto electrode cleaning system


Discover the incredible characteristics of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water for improved health and quality of life. ZeroB, a water industry leader, introduces its cutting-edge Hydrogen and Alkaline Water Purifier in India to provide superior and healthful water. Trust in the ZeroB Hydrolife water miracle for critical health advantages and a disease-free body.

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