10 must-know benefits of drinking Alkaline Water


Water is the most essential source of livelihood. Right from the age-old practices to the recent time developments and innovations, we have seen that water is a critical part of life and the most essential source every day.

When your body is dehydrated, you experience headache, dizziness, sleepy head, etc. But when your body is hydrated, it increases your energy levels, releases fatigue, flushes out toxins to name a few. Therefore, hydration plays an important role in maintaining good overall health. It is a well-known fact that, a hydrated body is also a healthy body and a disease-free body.

It has been said that 8 glass of water is a must on a daily basis for good health.
Don’t rush into it, drink how much your body can consume it.  But make sure, you drink the right water.

Zero B Hydrolife, one of the best alkaline water purifier, delivers the right water for you. It gives alkaline water and hydrogen water which is crafted by you, crafted for you. Knowledge and awareness about healthy alkaline will help you select the right alkaline RO water purifier for your drinking water needs. 

Benefits of drinking Alkaline Water:

Enhanced pH:

Basically, pH stands for power of hydrogen which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14 in which 7 is the most neutral pH of the body. Daily drinking of alkaline water will not only quench your thirst but also benefit the health with healthy properties of alkaline water.

Better Hydration:

Often lack of hydration causes physical stress to the body. An alkaline water ionizer machine from Zero B is an ideal source for getting alkaline water and hydrogen water which has high hydration power.

Healthy Water:

Alkaline water and hydrogen water is a therapeutic water prepared through the process of electrolysis. The Zero B alkaline water purifier delivers alkaline water after passing through 10-stage filtration, to derive numerous health benefits such as it controls lifestyle diseases, relieves digestive health, improves physical fitness, treats skin allergies, to name a few.

Pure Alkaline water:

Other brand alkaline water machines have only filtration system as a pre-treatment. Zero B Hydrolife alkaline ro water ionizer is equipped with dual purification system, i.e., reverse osmosis and active silver ionization purification. Alkaline water and hydrogen water delivered by Zero B Hydrolife is pure and safe as well as free from diseases-causing bacteria and virus, chemical contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, Trihalomethanes (THMs), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).   

Used for Cooking:

Apart from its use for drinking water, healthy alkaline water can be used for cooking purpose. When alkaline water is used in food preparation, adds aroma and fragrance to your dish. For e.g., Basmati rice when cooked using healthy alkaline water enhances the overall taste of the rice. 

Washing Vegetables:

Alkaline water is used to remove pesticides and dirt from your fruits and vegetables. The high pH water completely removes all the invisible dirt, chemicals and pesticides that are usually sprayed on perishable items. The Zero B alkaline RO water purifier delivers cooking water, which can be also used for washing vegetables to remove all the unwanted contaminants.

Improves your skin complexion:

Spraying of alkaline water (pH 9.5 to 10.5) daily onto your skin, makes you feel fresh, skin healthy and improves the complexion.  The hydrogen water from the best alkaline water purifier Zero B Hydrolife can be used as a beauty water to spray on to your face for clearer, glowing and supply skin. 

Relieves Digestive Health:

Acidity is a very common issue for individuals at all ages. Though antacids give temporary relief, daily consumption of alkaline water will keep your acidity away and eventually reduce the symptoms of reoccurrence. The alkaline water from Zero B alkaline water filter is known to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux diseases and digestive system disorders.

Weight Management:

In today’s scenario, reducing weight is an alarming concern across all age groups. Doctors recommend to do daily workouts for people with diabetes and blood pressure. For individuals who belong to beauty related professions, weight management is of prime importance.  Due to busy lifestyle among millennials today, doing work-outs or maintain diets to maintain health is next to impossible. Therefore, drinking alkaline water is the best alternate method to be followed regularly from India’s best alkaline water purifier 

Muscle mass improvement:

Regular drinking of alkaline water before and after work-outs have proven to show less muscle soreness among athletes and workout enthusiasts’ group. Zero B alkaline water machine is a good lifelong investment to maintain your overall health and improved muscle mass.

The alkaline water ionizer from Zero B Hydrolife will assist you to improve your overall health and lead you to a better lifestyle. To know more about our products, contact us today on 022-2788-1234 / 022-6848-6848 or write us at [email protected]