5 Reasons Alkaline Water is better than Regular Tap Water


Introduction to Alkaline water!

Water is the life source of everything in this world. But healthy drinking alkaline water is the only guardian to your good health. But little do we take care and give importance to this fact, despite knowing about the numerous health benefits associated with alkaline water.  
According to many studies, it can actually delay the process of aging, help in controlling digestive problems as well as improves the quality of life in cancer patients etc. Though what essentially is alkaline water, and why is it so popular?

The term alkaline denotes the pH level of the water. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. It indicates whether a solution is acidic or alkaline.

Alkaline water with high TDS tastes bad. Hence alkaline ionizer machine needs a separate RO filtration system for contaminant removal and taste issue. This further requires a setup of an additional pump, RO purifier machine and alkalizer, thus disturbing the aesthetic and space of the kitchen. Zero B Hydrolife identified this drawback of conventional alkaline water purifiers and has accommodated RO+Alkalyzer in a single unit. Hydrolife offers highly antioxidizing water even at low TDS. It makes drinkable alkaline water for wide TDS range- 20 to 1500 ppm

Learn why alkaline water is better than consuming regular tap water:

1. Relieves Digestive issues

Alkaline water fills your body with antioxidants which oppose reactive oxygen species(ROS) in your body responsible for illness. Alkaline water helps relief general acidity experienced by larger number of people regularly. You can get relief from symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases as well as constipation.

2.Controls Lifestyle Diseases

Due to today’s sedentary lifestyle there are 1 in 5 cases of diabetes and hyper tension. Surprisingly these chronic conditions are easily prominent among the younger toddlers as well as teens. Obesity due to unhealthy and irregular eating habit is of a great concern to young girls and boys. Inspite of following different diet plans and yogas, reducing weight is difficult. Hydrogen water and alkaline water helps in reducing weight and controlling lifestyle diseases.

3.Enhances Immune Response

n today’s scenario health officials talk more about immunity i.e. our body’s defense mechanism to fight against the deadly diseases. The person having good and enhanced immunity is healthy and safe. To build good immunity natural antioxidants like lemon, green tea, cardamom, clove etc are suggested by doctors. Fruits and vegetables is also antioxidant-rich. However, the human body still needs more antioxidants to sustain strong immunity. This is possible only with Zero B Hydrolife alkaline and hydrogen water.

Further, alkaline water helps in neutralizing oxidative stress and keeps the body away from diseases and numerous pollutants that cause damage to our cells.

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Nowadays from childhood you can see a tendency of gaining weight easily due to unfriendly eating habits (burgers and pizzas). The teenagers and elders always look for best solution for weight loss.

Doctors’ advice exercising and suggest sugar-free diets to many. But due to timeless schedule and work from home practices, physical activities is side-tracked. 

To resolve this concern, drinking healthy alkaline water and hydrogen water will help to neutralize fat accumulation.

5.Improved Hydration

According to research studies, alkaline water is proven to be more hydrating than ordinary water. Alkaline water and hydrogen water rehydrates the body quickly as compared to ordinary tap water. For athletes or sportsmen this alkaline water supplements the body with additional strength.

Drinking 1 glass of hydrogen water from Zero B Hydrolife before starting any physical activity will boost your energy level.

To conclude, consuming alkaline water has several advantages. Given the importance of overall wellness, we recommend that you use the finest alkaline and hydrogen water filtration system for greater health benefits. You may carry home a Zero B Hydrolife alkaline water purifier, which has an 8-liter water storage capacity and delivers healthy, pure, and bacteria-free water.

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