Drinking Alkaline Water: Is Ionized Water Good for Your Health?


Are you drinking alkaline water? Do you know the pH value of the water that you drink? Well, if you are unaware of the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, then this blog is for you.

As you know that the pH value of normal water is 7. It is little going to make any significant changes in your health. The goodness of water changes with the its varying pH levels. It is therefore, imperative to maintain a certain pH of your bodily organs to keep it in good health.
The health of your organs is determined by the quality of water that you drink. 

While the gasses and chemicals can change the pH value to make it more alkaline or more acidic. The pH value can vary slightly but if it is too high or too low, then it can change the properties of water and have adverse effects on your health. The pH value of alkaline substances is up to 14. The excess amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in the water can reduce the pH value of the water and make it acidic. At the same time, the lower amount of carbon dioxide raises the pH value and makes it alkaline from neutral.

Now, when it comes to alkaline water, research has shown numerous benefits of drinking alkaline water. Basically, it is ionized alkaline water that is commercially available as alkaline water. That is the reason the demand for water ionizer India is increasing and most homeowners are installing good-quality alkaline water ionizers in their homes. Those who drink alkaline water, gain various health benefits which include, but are not limited to improved gastrointestinal condition, improved bone health, decreased risk of cancer, slowing down of the aging process, and improved heart health.

Here are a few more benefits that show why drinking alkaline ionized water is good for your health-

Better Hydration:

Drinking alkaline ionized water provides better hydration as compared to normal tap water. It contains tiny molecules that are easily absorbed by the body cells and help in instant rehydration. It is recommended to drink alkaline water across all age-group, especially those who work out daily and need quick rehydration.

Improved Immune System:

Alkaline water can significantly improve your immune system and make your body less vulnerable to the risk of infections and several health ailments.

Contains a Lot of natural minerals:

Alkaline water contains the right amount of natural minerals dissolved in it such as calcium and magnesium, which are highly essential for preventing osteoporosis and maintaining healthy bones.

Presence of Antioxidants:

Alkaline water ionizer India prevents the growth of free radical toxicity in the body that damages cells due to oxidation stress. This helps to control the aging process as well.

Controls Blood Pressure:

Many types of research have shown that drinking alkaline water can control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body.

Neutralizes the Acidity:

One of the most important benefits of regularly drinking alkaline water is that it neutralizes acidity while reducing the excessive acidic content in the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.

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