Effectiveness of Alkaline Water in Dental Issues


The use of alkaline water for drinking has increasingly become popular around the world. Water of any kind has some or the other effect on health depending on its pH value. But it has been said that alkaline water and hydrogen water acts as a novel material for the progress of treatment of several conditions, such as acid reflux, diabetes, cancer-care, chronic diseases, skin care, arthritis among others. It has been clearly said by Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg that diseases cannot live in an alkaline environment.

We are all aware about the ill-effects of tobacco-chewing, alcohol and smoking on health at some point in our lives. Little do we know, but effects on oral health is unrecognized and awareness is questioned. 

Dry Mouth: Excessive drinking of alcohol, and other drugs limit saliva production causing dry mouth. This dramatically increases the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and erosion.

Tooth Decay:Most alcoholic drinks are very sugary and acidic. Frequent consumption of these drinks will demineralise and weaken tooth enamel, which is the first step in tooth decay. Vomiting after drinking alcohol can cause erosion of the teeth.

Staining and Bad breath: Smoking cigarettes contributes to bad breath, the build-up of tartar on teeth and the staining of teeth, tongue and gums. Staining may also appear to be yellow or black.

The use of mouthwash is quite widespread by the public, because the mouthwash is sold freely in stores, and supermarkets. The public only knows the effects of mouthwash toprevent bad breath alone, without knowing the side effects when using with a long time.

Know about your dental health and its after-care

pH saliva contains carbonate which serves as a buffer for maintaining acid-base acids in the oral cavity. Various factors may affect the pH saliva, such as sugary drinks, effect of drug use, reflux, stress or eating acidic foods.

Studies reveal that, the average oral cavity has a pH of 6.3 but when the pH of the oral cavity decreases below 5.5 the demineralisation of the enamel begins, and lower the pH of the ingested element, the demineralisation rate increases.

The pH of the water you consume may have an impact on your dental hygiene as well. Therefore, research studies indicate that drinking alkaline water is known to have positive effect on dental care and in maintaining dental hygiene.

Conventional ways to remove dental plague through toothbrush and toothpaste is the most common method. Toothpaste contains basic ingredients and active ingredients. Active substances including chemicals contain Fluoride and combined with antibacterial ingredients. Other studies reveal the effectiveness of antiseptic mouth rinses in reducing plaque and gingivitis as an adjunct to home care. Availability of OTC products such as Chlorhexidine for gingivitis and Herbal mouth rinses like neem, Aloe Vera, tea tree oil has proven track records for anti-plague treatment.
But alkaline water contains alkali properties that may be helpful to dental health, thanks to its high pH water. There is no proven track record, but water from an alkaline water machine with a high pH may have effective strength of reducing the amount of plague in the mouth.

Ionized Alkaline Water and Oral Health

Is it possible to enhance tooth wellness by drinking ionized water? Most individuals are unaware that what they eat and drink impacts the dental enamel that protects and hardens their teeth. Drinking acidic soft beverages and eating acidic meals eventually corrodes the strong enamel coating, causing tooth sensitivity and discoloration. Consuming alkaline water may aid in neutralizing this acid and preventing acidic damage. Although your saliva achieves this to a certain extent, alkaline water may have some extra pH-balancing capabilities.

Alkaline Ionized Water may help fight cavities.

Ionized alkaline water may also promote good oral health by avoiding gum disease. Plaque-forming microorganisms in the oral cavity that contribute significantly to dental decay and periodontist create acids that destroy enamel and dentin, prompting cavities to develop if re-mineralization does not occur quickly enough. Owing to the extra calcium it offers, alkaline ionized water may assist to offset most of this acidity while also assisting in remineralizing teeth. Research studies reveal that that ionized, alkaline water decreased the occurrence of persistent gum disease that forms around previously repaired teeth. It also slowed the spread of dental cavities with regular usage.

How to get Ionized Alkaline Water

Most of the advantages of ionized alkaline water are hypothetical because of a lack of study in this domain. However, there are no recognized hazards associated with consuming ionized alkaline water. Why wait for something to happen, heal naturally just by drinking alkaline water and hydrogen water from the ZeroB Hydrolife alkaline water machine.

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