How Antioxidant-Rich Ionized Water Improve Your Workout


Can you imagine a day without drinking water? No. The most important ingredient of the human body includes water. A proper hydration state is a must for general health,yet it is even more important for individuals that exercise on a regular basis, and especially for competitive athletes and professional sports experts. The best solution is drinking luxury superior water from an alkaline water ionizer machine.

Surprisingly not, but hydration and sports performance are closely dependent on each other.
Both the things stand important when you are determined to win. Therefore, close monitoring on hydration habits is crucial. Good Hydration promotes improved sports performance and vice versa. Effective hydration determines proper functioning of the whole body, at rest and especially during and after exercise.

A lot has been already mentioned by researchers about alkaline water ionizer benefits, mainly related to athletic fitness performance. While the body is in continuous movement during workout or sports performance, it also has to be alert, tactical and attentive. In order to show discipline towards your workout or high endurance training activities, regular consumption of alkaline water and hydrogen water from the best water ionizer Zero B Hydrolife is a proven and widely accepted drink. 

What happens during workout?

The natural pH of our muscles is 6.9. When you go to the gym and start your workout, your muscles start shifting into a higher gear. As they become more active and strained, the acid produced starts to lower the pH of your muscles. As the pH lowers and the acidity increases, your muscles respond by becoming weaker and more fatigued. After a muscle reaches 6.5pH, it can no longer function at an exercise capacity. With all of that lactic acid build-up, the body is exhausted and needs time to recuperate and re-balance.

What is better? Sports Drink or alkaline ionized water

Despite the abundance of sports drinks on the market, alkaline water and hydrogen water is still one of the most often used forms of replacing fluids during and after exercise, especially in individuals who are watching their body mass closely. Because exercise especially that of high intensity causes significant disturbances in acid-base balance, it has been hypothesized that drinking alkaline water could increase the buffering capacity of blood and muscle tissues and improve the hydration status of athletes. The main objective is to increase exercise tolerance and speed up the recovery process. Most sport drinks are fortified with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, or chosen amino acids that are harmful to the body in the long-run.

Free radicals and health

The antioxidant-rich water from Zero B Alkaline water purifier is a special water that encourages weight loss and improved workout. There are studies conducted in japan, which shows that alkaline water from the alkaline water ionizer helps to increase energy, stamina, hydration, followed by effective weight reduction. The hydrogen water from the water ionizer machine has abundance of hydrogen ions that helps to battle free radical formation by attacking only the harmful damaged cells 

The magic of antioxidants from alkaline water ionizer machine

Water, the most widely used fluid during exercise comes in different forms, with specific properties depending on the therapeutic content. Since energy demands and oxygen consumption increases during high endurance training, sprits or heavy workouts, there occurs a natural imbalance in the bodily fluids causing oxidative stress. Although well trained athletes suffer from less oxidative stress reduction, but may provoke more oxidative stress due to accumulation of intense exercise. The best way to mitigate oxidative stress-induced adverse events during sports is consumption of antioxidant-rich ionized water that also aids in relief from muscle fatigue and better sports performance. Also considering the short shelf life of hydrogen water, it is recommended to consume immediately after it gets dispensed from your alkaline water purifier. Miraculous antioxidant-rich hydrogen water from Zero B Hydrolife is known to scavenge toxic ROS

The relation between hydration and improved workout

An appropriate hydration of the body is crucial during exercise for adaptive changes to occur at all levels of your body core, and also very significant after training and competition for recovery. Failure of proper dehydration, may lead to fatigue, poor performance, decreased coordination and muscle cramping. Athletes practicing and competing in long distance endurance events are most prone to dehydration, Individuals engaged in high intensity workouts or exercises should drink approximately 3 to 4 litres of healthy alkaline ionized water regularly for improved long-term body progress. Lastly, there are few studies in white papers that indicate a positive effect of alkaline water on resting and post-exercise acid-base balance. 

Alkaline water with a specific mineral content and increased pH has recently been proposed as an alternative sports drink for individuals engaged in heavy exercise routines. Additionally alkaline water from Hydrolife alkaline water ionizer must be consumed depending on the type of sports disciple and the surrounding environmental conditions.

Trust the professionals!

There’s a reason why some of the top athletes in the world use an alkaline water to drink – not just during training, but on their off-periods as well. It simply makes sense that if you expect high performance from your body; you have to put in high-performance water. So switch to the best water ionizer machine now!