Hydrogen Water Purifier

Hydrolife’s signature hydrogen water purifier is the modern way to fulfill your hydrogen requirement in a few taps. It utilizes Tri-layered water filtering to give exceptional H2 performance. The pH-neutral water rejuvenates your body and supports every organ system. The leading water purifier manufacturer company ZeroB Hydrolife develops this ultra-modern hydrogen water machine in Mumbai, India. It adds the world’s best natural antioxidant—Hydrogen in your water, which promotes overall health and prevents aging.

Hydrogen Water Machine with Tri-layered Filtration

The Hydrolife hydrogen water machine has a three-layered filtration system as default, which comprises a .01M UF filtration and a charcoal block intermediate phase. ZeroB’s hydrogen water purifier is designed and developed in Mumbai, India, with confirmed scientific findings for 172 pollutants, eliminating almost all the toxins. It ensures you get the cleanest, healthiest water.

A Quadruple Mechanism for producing Hydrogen - Rich Clean Water

Four innovative technologies treat the water from end to end to make it nutritious and clean! In the beginning, the Hydrolife purifier produces water almost devoid of any minerals. The primarily treated water reaches the core hydrogen-generating chamber, which contains the PEM / SPE, and becomes immersed with healthy Hydrogen. Ultimately, in the Hydrolife hydrogen infuser, this H2 enriched it blends water with the purified water from the first step, producing exceptionally pristine, Hydrogen enriched water. 

SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)

The modern SMPS mechanism provides the most reliable energy source available.

Quick, Easy, and Efficient Hydrogen Water

While conventional  hydrogen water generators frustrate users with all the waiting, the Hydrolife hydrogen water generators swiftly produce loads of hydrogen-rich water anytime you need it. 

Simply press the digital switch, input desired hydrogen concentration, and Hydrolife will produce deoxidized hydrogen water at a significant level of 1 liter/minute. This innovative hydrogen water machine generator incorporates a metering knob at the top, which supports effortless control over the flow and concentration of Hydrogen.

Can Filter Water irrespective of its Source

It does not matter if your water source supplies hard or soft water; this robust hydrogen water generator effortlessly filters and provides high H2 concentrated water above 1.2ppm Hydrogen. After years of R&D and on-ground  surveys, our scientists have developed the best hydrogen water generator in Mumbai, India, which serves deliciously healthy water just in one tap.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Benefits supported by science

More than 1,000 expert research shows that alkaline water has a healing effect across every cell in our body and a beneficial impact on over 200 human diseases and health issues.

Pain relief with Alkaline water

Excessive oxidation causes cellular damage, resulting in discomfort and irritation. Inflammatory symptoms rise with age. According to research, alkaline ionized water fights harmful radicals. Hydrogen-rich water can help with both mild and severe aches and pains. 

Your Water with Antioxidants

A major driving force of aging is free radicals, which produce oxidative stress. The oxidation process forces metal or fruits to rust. Antioxidants either inhibit or decrease the onset of this damage. Ironically, antioxidants destroy both good and bad radical ions. According to studies, the healthy hydrogen ions in alkaline ionized water precisely attack just the harmful radical ions, turning the water into the best antioxidant.

Ionized water prevents the damaging oxidation reaction produced by negatively charged ions in the body. Antioxidant inhibits uncontrolled radicals from hurting the DNA and other cells.

Be your Maximum

ATPs power our cells. They are our unit of energy. According to studies, alkaline water boosts ATP production, which gives us extra energy without increasing the amount of lactic acid. If you are a sports person, a fitness freak, or if you need a little extra oomph? Hydrolife’s alkaline water enhances endurance and healing. 

Enhanced Hydration

Hydrogen water purifier eliminates harmful oxygen radicals and produces smoother water, which increases cellular fluid intake. Hydrolife offers deliciously fresh, velvety, alkaline water, which is now better to drink. Drinking more water results in greater hydration and wellness. 

Help Balance the pH of your Body

As the Hydrolife hydrogen water purifier ionizes the water, it also gets rich in essential nutrients and elements such as calcium and magnesium. Since you can have alkalinized water with an optimum pH, your body will heal faster and respond better.