How Alkaline Water Aids in Weight Loss?


There are plenty of options available in the market for energy drinks or sports drinks which energizes your body. However, we don’t really know which drink is most suited for you. A lot of athletes, health enthusiast and regular gym goers struggle to determine the exact drink for safe consumption and to reap health benefits.

It is natural for the body to get tired after an intense exercise routine.Hydrogen water with high pH and negative ORP has been proposed as an alternative sports drink. Hydrogen water neutralizes acid formation after exercise, and also reduces fatigue, blood pressure, increased stamina to name a few.

However, energy drinks at that moment works well for instant energy retention. This instant energy is temporary. Hydrogen water is wonder water which provides sustainable long-term energy and health benefits.

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is rich in hydrogen which is the strongest and lightest antioxidant having high powered therapeutic potential.

What are sports drinks or energy drinks?

Any drink which contains added minerals that provides instant energy required for your athletic performance is known as a sports drink or energy drink. Most often they are available in the market in different flavors and are colored with refreshing aesthetics.

Though sports drink has instant benefits, it may have sugar additives which may be harmful in the long-run. On the contrary hydrogen water is highly antioxidizing water with negative ORP value for long-term health benefits.   

Below are few noticeable points to be considered before choosing the right path. Considering all the above facts, now we are convinced that hydrogen water is a better option than any other energy drink or sports drink

Better Hydration

We all know that staying hydrated throughout the day is important to keep the functioning of vital organs smooth. Hydrogen water provides 6 times more hydration to your body than any other drinks. The extra hydrogen helps to keep the vital organs healthy unlike readily available energy drinks that claim of providing instant energy through its externally added mineral and sugar contents.

Natural Source of Energy

In general, drinking sufficient plain water is good enough but to reap long term health benefits, antioxidant-rich hydrogen water with negative ORP is a must. Hydrogen water acts as a natural source of energy over any other energy drinks. Hydrogen water, when consumed before and after your workout routine, keeps the body active with increased energy levels for a long life as compared to other energy drinks that offer instant boost to your body.

Stronger Immunity

Hydrogen water is known as a therapeutic drink for boosting your immunity.
With right education and knowledge, there has been a shift in the choice of drinks for building immunity and good health. Today larger populations opt for natural ingredients rather than artificial add-ons or medication to gain health benefits. With this belief, drinking hydrogen water is far more a better choice than flavored energy drinks.   

Antioxidant-rich in nature

Hydrogen water is water with extra hydrogen that has an antioxidant effect that creates more energy and cellular activity in the body cells. 

Due to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, pollution free radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) with oxidative stress are formed in your body. This can damage your normal cell and invite diseases. This damage cannot be repaired just by eating antioxidant rich food or by healthy energy drinks. Hydrogen water is a smallest and lightest antioxidant which penetrates easily into your body, hydrates well, and repairs damage caused by free radicals with its antioxidizing nature unlike energy drinks. 

It can be concluded that regular consumption of highly antioxidant-rich hydrogen water can significantly improve your overall health and wellness. 

ZeroB Hydrolife offers drinkable hydrogen water at pH 10.5, thus improves your fitness.

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