Hydrogen Water: Should You Add It to Your Lifestyle?


What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is filtered water that has additional hydrogen molecules infused in it.

Water molecules are comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. However, recent studies have shown that supplementing water with extra hydrogen gas provides advantages that ordinary water does not offer.

At home, hydrogen water machines through the process of electrolysis, easily supplement hydrogen gas into clean water to give you antioxidant-rich hydrogen water with negative ORP value. 

Hydrogen water helps reduce inflammation, enhances physical performance and potentially inhibiting the aging process.

How Does Hydrogen Water Enhance your Lifestyle?

With the pandemic breakdown and so many concerns related to immunity build-up, Hydrogen water is a relief for wellness industry today!  

We have noticed a shift in the industry with more demand for drinking healthy water over other aerated and unhealthy juices which are carbonated and full of sugar rush!

Many research papers from Japan clearly indicate the facts on the health benefits derived from hydrogen-rich antioxidizing water. 

1. Supply Antioxidants to your body

Free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) are highly reactive molecules that damage your body with its negative effects, a primary cause of illness. Zero B Hydrolife Hydrogen water eliminates free radical damage and defends the cells from the impact of oxidative stress, thereby eliminating the diseases too.   

Regular consumption for weeks of Hydrogen water is proven to
improve quality of life of patients undergoing chemotherapy
and radiotherapy treatment.

2. Helps with chronic metabolic disease

Hydrogen Water maintains the high blood pressure, overall metabolism and reduces the occurrence of heart ailments. However along with drinking Hydrogen water, a proper diet and exercise schedule should also be followed. 

Hydrogen water is known to control lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, gastro-intestinal diseases, and chronic conditions.

3. Benefits the Athletes in their performance

Zero B Hydrolife Hydrogen water is found to have 6 times better hydration power than normal tap water. Hydrogen water is known to be healthy and as an energizer drink.

The athletes and sportsmen derive more energy and everlasting physical strength with hydrogenated antioxidant water. Drinking hydrogen water before and after exercises keep your muscles flexible and helps in faster recovery, thus reduces muscle soreness.

To conclude, hydrogen water is wondrous and magical water to almost all your health needs and to achieve overall wellness of your entire family.

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