Major Differences Between Alkaline Water Ionizer and RO Water Purifier

Alkaline Water Ionizer vs RO Water Purifier

Water is such a fundamental part of our daily lives because we need it to survive. Nowadays, people are becoming conscious about the quality of drinking water. They know how harmful elements, fluoride, pesticide, and certain organic residues can make the water contaminated for consumption.

The fact is that water pollution due to urbanization is unavoidable. The use of insecticides, synthetic drug usage, and a lot of waste from the factories; all get mixed into the water supply. This makes people worried about the safety of their drinking water. Good water is fundamental to learning how to stay healthy. By embracing the importance of water, we can enhance our lives. Well, it is best to be aware of the right water purification technology for the overall health of the family.

However, it is quite confusing to choose the best one out of an array of technologies available for water filtration and purification. But there are certain things to be considered while choosing the best water ionizer machine such as-

  • Technical Information
  • Technology
  • Process of Purification
  • Patents and Compatibility

All things considered, two systems are in great demand-

  • Alkaline Water Purifierand
  • RO Water Purifier

Now, it is important to know your requirements before selecting the right fit for your home and need. Thus, people seek differences between the above two water purification systems. Here are the major differences between alkaline water ionizers and RO water purifiers.

RO Water Purifiers Remove the Essential Minerals:

RO water purifiers may wash out the essential minerals from the water like distilled water. It even removes the tiny microscopic particles down to 0.0001. Well, it is good that it removes the unwanted harmful elements but it removes essential minerals that can have a positive impact on your health. The RO-filtered water can be re-mineralized later but it is a very time-consuming process.

The Zero B Hydrolife series comprises an in-built alkaline crafter technology which allows the minerals addition as and when required in the process of ionization. Hydrolife series alkaline water crafter is also certified by the government of India for its MINERALIZER MEDIA. 

Alkaline Water Ionizer Saves a lot of Space in the Kitchen:

If you don’t have enough space in the kitchen to install any other gadget, then it is recommended to invest in the Zero B Hydrolife series- alkaline water ionizer as it is compact and easy to use. On the other hand, RO water purifiers are cumbersome and not recommended for homes having limited kitchen space. It also comes with aesthetic constraints and water quality taste.

Alkaline Purification Process Increases the pH Value of the Water:

The Zero B Hydrolife series uses the electrolysis of water purification method to deliver high pH alkaline water for good health.

While RO Purifier machine adopts only the double-filtration method which indirectly washes away the essential minerals from the water, thus delivering nutrient-less and tasteless water for consumption

Water from Alkaline Water Ionizer is Healthier than an RO purifier:

Alkaline water ionizer is a better choice, as it protects the wellbeing of the entire family by its great taste and contents. The negatively charged ions gets dissolved in the purified water, thus making it a healthier choice than RO water. The antioxidant properties of alkaline water promote good health with a positive impact on longevity.

On the contrary, RO water is regular filtered water to only provide short term hydration for the body.

In Conclusion

The concern about water contamination is growing with time, but luckily, there are many solutions to deal with this. It is beneficial to figure out which solution is close to nature and promotes overall health.

ZeroB Hydrolife:

ZeroB Hydrolife is the best choice to make with the changing environmental trends of water safety and purity. The machine delivers alkaline water with any source of water and at low TDS for cooking, drinking as well as sanitization. It has built-in RO purification and Active Silver protection for its stored water in the hydropneumatic tank storing additional 10 liters of purified water. Wellness starts from your kitchen, so let’s rethink about health and its impact on your overall wellbeing now!

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