The Significance of Hydrogen Water in Anti-Ageing


Ageing is a reality for all living organisms. We must all accept the hard fact that, skin changes with age. With time, it tends to loose fat, become thinner, and becomes saggy. Slowly, a myriad of skin problems, such as wrinkles, fine lines, patchy skin, age spots, dry skin and even skin diseases takeover the most prominent part of the body – Beauty!

Oxidative damage highly impacts the skin at the cellular levels and in turn is a major contributor for age-related inflammatory reactions.  Today, hydrogen water is a growing trend and finally got its popularity for its natural therapeutic properties. The anti-oxidative effects of hydrogen-rich water suppress oxidative damage thereby protecting the cellular skin health and making you look younger and charismatic!  

There are many theories of ageing, however no one knows how and why people change as they get older. Also not a single theory can explain all the changes of ageing. There are many factors, including heredity genes, diet and nutrition, past illnesses, and environmental changes produce free radicals in skin. Besides, the stress producing factors such as diseases, cigarette smoke and high consumption of alcohol can cause free radical in the human skin.  

Cells are the building block of tissues. All cells experience changes with ageing. They become larger and less able to divide and multiple. There is also an increase in pigments and fatty substances inside the cell which leads to cellular destruction.  Hydrogen water is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and advanced antioxidant protection that binds on cellular level to neutralize free radicals.

The human body is approximately 60 to 70% water. When you drink water, it enters the different body tissues. Therefore, healthy antioxidant-rich water from hydrogen water generator with dissolved hydrogen molecules has a negative oxidation reduction potential (ROS) that cleanses the active oxygen radicals, thus preventing oxidative stress in human body. Molecular Hydrogen absorbs quickly into your body and therefore is coined as the smallest antioxidant molecule. 

Still not convinced? Let us deep dive into the logic behind how hydrogen water has significance in anti-aging and how it helps in its containment. 

Anti-inflammatory Effects:

There are many studies which indicates the positive effects of molecular hydrogen improves diseased skin under oxidative stress. Hydrogen water puts a stop to inflammation in tissues under the skin that cause aging. Similarly, it also validates the anti-aging effects of skin via hydrogen that is assessable with evaluation of skin melanin, redness, fat, pH and moisture rate. To conclude, hydrogen acts as a medicinal gas in the treatment and control of inflammatory reactions in human bodies.

Topical Use for Beauty Care:

We see the key difference between the raisin and the grape is water. Similarly, the difference between our wrinkled tissues causing aging and healthy tissues is hydration. Hydrogen molecule is known to have 6 times more hydration than regular water. Daily use of hydrogen-rich water has beneficial effects for skin care and reduces UV skin damage via control of free radical and raise of collagen type I synthesis in the skin.

Faster healing of wounds:

Hydrogen water is known to offer remedial effects on the human skin cells, thereby improving and accelerating the repair of cutaneous damages. Molecular hydrogen reduces ROS levels and inflammatory cytokines leading to tissue damage. Hydrogen-rich water intake is known to help in upregulation of antioxidant defense genes through activation of Nuclear factor-erythroid factor 2 (Nrf2) pathway and reduced Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) in palatal tissues, thereby leading to faster healing process of wounds.
To conclude, there are plenty health benefits of hydrogen water. And the ones that we spoke about above are backed by several Japanese research studies.  So, if you are looking to increase your molecular hydrogen intake, you must consider buying a ZeroB Hydrolife water hydrogen generator.  

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