Alkaline Water for Cooking and Digestive Health


Importance of water in daily chores

The internet is crowded with mammoth information around alkaline water and its benefit to good health. Zero B is proud to be the first Indian company to launch an alkaline water filter, a wellness and a lifestyle product for the Indian masses. The company is proud to serve and educate the customers about the importance of healthy alkaline water combined with numerous health benefits. 

Apart from its positive reviews on the health front, alkaline water has its use in cooking as well. Water plays an important role in our day-to-day chores. Apart from its primary need of drinking, it is also required for varied other household chores, such as bathing, cleaning, general use and in cooking. 

The most common steps for food processing are washing, peeling blanching and cooking. Washing the vegetables and fruits is the most common direct form of food processing, and is usually the first step before consumption is made. Originally the main reason for washing is to remove pesticides residue in fruits and vegetables. Mostly some kind of produce such as fresh fruits and vegetables are often washed with tap water to remove dirt, post which it is consumed directly. However, tap water has a limited effect on the removal of pesticide residues. Meanwhile, alkaline water is also widely investigated and is being used as a known disinfectant in food processing using a low pH (3.5 to 5.5) and high oxidation reduction potential (ORP). 

Also, the beauty of having alkaline water filter is that, you can extract fresh alkaline water at a pH of 8.0 to 9.0 for cooking purpose. Zero B Hydrolife comes in a compact design to fit into your kitchen for a premium experience for the entire family. Zero B Hydrolife is equipped with patented technology innovation and comes with 11 plates solid titanium electrodes with platinum coating to deliver electrolyzed water. 

It is best to have an alkaline water filter placed besides the kitchen sink so that the user can reap other benefits and uses of ionized alkaline water. Whether for health benefits or convenience, having an alkaline water filter is beneficial for your daily life.

Positive Effects in Cooking Usage

Alkaline water is of great use in varied food preparation. It is a great addition to prepare healthy food. The Zero B Hydrolife alkaline water filter has a pre-set level for cooking purpose (pH 8.5 to 9.5). Once used, this water naturally balances the acids present in food that it is exposed too. So be it boiling vegetables and meats or adding to your gravies, this setting will work wonders as it helps to retain the flavours and make your food taste delicious and fresh.   

Also, this water can be used for soaking pulses and legumes to get rid of external dirt and chemicals from its surface easily. You can soak rice, dried beans, rajma etc for softening, and retaining the original aroma and natural colour of the items.

Some of the dishes, such as pasta, soups, stews, curries retain natural taste of the contents added to the dish due to the usage of alkaline water in it. 

Alkaline water from water filter provides the same flavour-enhancing benefit for tea and coffee when you brew them with it. The main advantage of using alkaline water for preparation of hot drinks is that it neutralizes the acidity that tea or coffee comes with, as both tea and coffee are high in acidity. Also, feel free to boost the flavour and healthiness of your favourite smoothie, iced tea, and other drinks by mixing in some alkaline water or alkaline water ice cubes.

Positive Effects on Digestive Health

Alkaline water with optimum pH is known to help maintain digestive health. Daily consumption of alkaline water helps in improved bodily functions which helps to overcome digestive issues such as constipation, gastric issues, diarrhoea, and acidity reflux to name a few. 

Alkaline water is prepared by breaking down of water molecules through the process of electrolysis of water which further helps in faster absorption and better hydration.  

Alkaline water and Hydrogen water is found to be an effective remedy to overcome acute and chronic gastric conditions. It benefits from the oesophagus to the colon. Because certain parts of your gastrointestinal tract are pH-responsive, alkaline water influences your gut health.

It would be expensive, wasteful, and inconvenient to purchase bottles of alkaline water for the purpose of cooking. Instead, get fresh alkaline water straight from your kitchen by hooking up the alkaline water filter. The water comes from the water filter machines at the identified pH level, so you can easily fill a pot for cooking. Alkaline water and hydrogen water can be safely consumed to get benefits for all your digestive health problems and to improve your overall quality of health.